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2012 Olympic Games, London

Date: 27th July – 12th August 2012
Venue: Greenwich Olympic Park


On July 6 2005 the IOC announced that London would be host to the 2012 Olympic Games. That the London 2012 team had secured this was no small achievement as their bid included an entire Olympic park that was yet to be built.

The construction of so many venues in such a small amount of time was seen by some as an impossible task, but in the end those voices were proved wrong and on 27 July 2012 the spectacular opening ceremony had an estimated global TV audience of 900 million people.

The venue for the Equestrian events was the picturesque Greenwich Park located in south-east London. This proved to be an ideal location; the surprisingly clement weather and the stunning views of London added a visual intensity to what sportingly was an incredible success on every level.

These Games also saw the most robust testing programme ever put in place at an Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Olympic laboratory tested up to 400 samples a day for more than 240 prohibited substances and all equestrian sport related tests returned negative


Andrew NicholsonNereoEventing Individual4th
Andrew NicholsonNereoEventing Team3rd
Caroline PowellLenamoreEventing Team3rd
Caroline PowellLenamoreEventing Individual29th
Jonathan PagetClifton PromiseEventing Team3rd
Jonathan PagetClifton PromiseEventing Individual10th
Jonelle PriceFlintstarEventing Team3rd
Jonelle PriceFlintstarEventing Individual32nd
Louisa HillBates AntonelloDressage Individual48th
Sir Mark ToddNZB CampinoTeam Eventing3rd
Sir Mark ToddNZB CampinoEventing – Individual12th

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