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2008 Olympic Games, Beijing

Date: 8th August – 28th August 2008
Venue: Hong Kong


On 13 July 2001, Beijing won the right to hold the 2008 Olympic Games when the IOC voted in favour of the Chinese capital at the expense of four other cities (Toronto, Istanbul, Paris and Osaka) bidding to host the Games. The thought that China should get the Olympic Games was barely imaginable at the time of the 2001 Moscow IOC Congress, due to a variety of factors, but hope that the Games would result in improvements dispelled possible reservations. The construction of all 31 Olympic venues in Beijing was well underway by 2007, with six venues also built outside the capital and 59 training centres. Approximately 40 billion US dollars were spent on the Games. As the number eight is considered lucky in China, the opening ceremony took place on 08.08.2008 at eight minutes past eight in the evening in the spectacular “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium. The breathtaking spectacle, which showcased unbelievable precision and stunning special effects, was watched by a global television audience of four billion people.

The equestrian events were held in Hong Kong, making it the third time the events of the same Olympics were held under the jurisdiction of two different NOCs.


Andrew Nicholson Lord Killinghurst Eventing Individual DNF
Andrew Nicholson Lord Killinghurst Eventing Team 5th
Bruce Goodin Yamato Jumping Team 14th
Bruce Goodin Yamato Jumping Individual 54th
Caroline Powell Lenamore Eventing Team 5th
Caroline Powell Lenamore Eventing Individual 14th
Daniel Meech Sorbas Showjumping Individual DNC
Heelan Tompkins Sugoi Eventing Team 5th
Heelan Tompkins Sugio Eventing Individual 51st
Joe Meyer Snip Eventing Team 5th
Joe Meyer Snip Eventing Individual 25th
Katie Laurie Forrest II Showjumping Team 14th
Katie Laurie Forrest II Showjumping Individual 71st
Kirk Webby Sitah Jumping Team 14th
Kirk Webby Sitah Jumping Individual 34th
Sharn Wordley Rockville Jumping Team 14th
Sharn Wordley Rockville Jumping Individual 70th
Sir Mark Todd Gandalf Eventing Team 5th
Sir Mark Todd Gandalf Eventing Team 5th
Sir Mark Todd Gandalf Eventing individual 17th

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