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2006 World Equestrian Games, Aachen

Date: 20th August – 3rd September 2006


The fifth FEI World Equestrian Games™ held in Aachen will stay in the memory of all equestrian fans for a long time to come. With 576,000 spectators attending the competitions and media coverage on an unprecedented scale, the Games were clearly a remarkable public and sporting success demonstrating the potential of equestrian sport to an enormous audience. After four Games at temporary sites, Aachen provided a venue that was established with full horse show facilities and perfected organisation.

The Games began for the first time with Endurance, accompanied by torrential downpours; however, the sight of the drenched leaders coming into the stadium cheered by the enthusiastic crowd was an emotional occasion not to be missed. They were also the first FEI World Equestrian Games™ for FEI President HRH Princess Haya.


Alex De Luca OliveiraClifton CheckersEventing IndividualDNF
Andrew NicholsonLord KillinghurstEventing Individual23rd
Andrew NicholsonLord KillinghurstEventing Team6th
Brian TiffenSonnyEndurance TeamDNF
Brian TiffenSonnyEndurance IndividualDNF
Caroline PowellLenamoreEventing Team6th
Caroline PowellLenamoreEventing Individual26th
Donna SmithCall Me CliftonEventing IndividualDNF
Grant WilsonUp And DownJumping IndividualDNF
Hannah Mills Vaulting Individual56th
Heelan TompkinsGlengarrickEventing Team6th
Heelan TompkinsGlengarrickEventing Individual7th
Howard HarrisHarmere TurffanEndurance TeamDNF
Howard HarrisHarmere TurffanEndurance IndividualDNF
Joe MeyerSnipEventing Team6th
Joe MeyerSnipEventing Individual51st
Kylie AverySilands JasarkEndurance TeamDNF
Kylie AverySilands JasarkEndurance Individual23rd
Phillip GrahamWolfgang AmadeusEndurance IndividualDNF
Shane DouganVigar RaffalEndurance TeamDNF
Shane DouganVigar RaffalEndurance IndividualDNF

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