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2004 Olympic Games, Athens

Date: 13th August – 29th August 2004


In 2004 the Olympic Games returned to Greece, the home of both the ancient and the first modern Olympic Games. For the first time a record 201 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) participated in the Olympic Games and the popularity of the Games soared to new heights as 3.9 billion people had access to the television coverage compared to 3.6 billion for Sydney 2000. The equestrian facilities at Markopoulo were extraordinary. Two stadiums were built, one housing a grass arena for Jumping and one with an all-weather arena for Dressage, offering a total of 20,000 seats. In addition there was a 20x60m covered arena, a 500m racetrack and eight training areas.


Andrew Nicholson Fenecio Eventing Individual 61st
Andrew Nicholson Fenecio Eventing Team 5th
Blyth Tait Ready Teddy Eventing Team 5th
Blyth Tait Ready Teddy Eventing Individual 18th
Bruce Goodin Brave Heart Jumping Team 12th
Bruce Goodin Brave Heart Jumping Individual DNF
Dan Jocelyn Silence Eventing Team 5th
Dan Jocelyn Silence Eventing Individual 29th
Daniel Meech Diagonal Showjumping Team 12th
Daniel Meech Diagonal Showjumping Individual 12th
Grant Cashmore Franklins Flyte Jumping Team 12th
Grant Cashmore Franklins Flyte Jumping Individual 40th
Guy Thomas NZ Madison Jumping Team 12th
Guy Thomas NZ Madison Eventing Individual 58th
Heelan Tompkins Glengarrick Eventing Team 5th
Heelan Tompkins Glengarrick Eventing Individual 7th
Louisa Hill Gabanna Dressage Individual 49th
Matthew Grayling Revo Eventing Team 5th
Matthew Grayling Revo Eventing Individual 15th

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