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1998 World Equestrian Games, Rome

Date: 1st October – 11th October 1998


Rome was a great success even though the Italians only had a year in which to prepare after the Dublin bid fell through due to bad luck and organisational problems. For a second time, the original successful bidder had failed to live up to the hype despite promising initial plans.

The abandonment of the project was dramatic as Ireland is a country with a very thoroughly developed horse tradition. In this difficult situation the FEI Executive Board was very happy that several countries showed an interest in taking on the organisation for the 1998 FEI World Equestrian Games™ (WEG) in spite of the short notice. In a desperate effort to pick up the pieces, the FEI examined the alternatives of Aachen and Rome and, opting for the latter, were rewarded with nothing short of a miracle. Some four months after the withdrawal of Dublin, Rome was chosen as the official venue for the 1998 Games. Particular credit goes to the Italian NF President Cesare Croce, who showed much courage in taking on the project.


Ainslee King Malik Endurance Individual DNF
Alan McCaughan Tonka Endurance Team 1st
Alan McCaughan Tonka Endurance Individual 22nd
Andrew Nicholson New York Eventing Individual 5th
Blyth Tait Ready Teddy Eventing Team 1st
Blyth Tait Ready Teddy Eventing Individual 1st
Catherine Smallbone Alzac Dressage Team 18th
Catherine Smallbone Alzac Dressage Individual 70th
Cindy Kent Playskool Dressage Individual 66th
Cindy Kent Playskool Dressage Team 18th
Jenny Hearn Simba Endurance Team 1st
Jenny Hearn Simba Endurance Individual 23rd
John Stevenson Taralea Raja Endurance Team 1st
John Stevenson Taralea Raja Endurance Individual 24th
Kalista Field Janeiro Dressage Team 18th
Kalista Field Janeiro Dressage Individual 75th
Kevin James Glendaar Sarita Endurance Team 1st
Kevin James Glendaar Sarita Endurance Individual 25th
Nick Larkin Red   DNF
Ray Tylee Minstral Endurance Individual DNF
Sally Clark Squirrell Hill Eventing Team DNF
Sir Mark Todd Broadcast News Eventing Team 1st
Sir Mark Todd Broadcast News Eventing Individual 2nd
Vaughn Jefferies Bounce Eventing Team 1st
Vaughn Jefferies Bounce Eventing Individual 4th

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