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1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta

Date: 19 June – 04 July 1996


The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, the Centennial Olympic Games, got off to a moving start when the cauldron was lit by boxing legend Muhammad Ali. A record-setting 79 nations won medals and 53 won gold.

The years leading up to the Atlanta Games saw extensive changes made to the Dressage and Eventing competition formats as well as the creation of an elaborate qualification system in all three disciplines.

Following the IOC’s reasoning whereby two medals could not be awarded for the same effort which would have seen Eventing barred from the Olympic Games, in 1994 the FEI proposed to split Eventing at the Olympics into two competitions: team and individual. The IOC accepted.



Andrew Nicholson Buckley Province Eventing Individual DNF
Andrew Nicholson Jagermeister Eventing Team 3rd
Blyth Tait Chesterfield Eventing Team 3rd
Blyth Tait Ready Teddy Eventing Individual 1st
Daniel Meech   Showjumping Individual 71st
Sally Clark Squirrell Hill Eventing Individual 2nd
Vaughn Jefferies Bounce Eventing Team 3rd
Vicky Latta Broadcast News Eventing Team 3rd

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