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1994 World Equestrian Games, The Hague



While reflecting on the tremendous success in the aftermath of the first FEI World Equestrian Games™ in Stockholm, then FEI President, HRH Prince Philip, warned that “three years is insufficient for any Federation to put together the very large and sophisticated organisation that is needed to manage such an event”, words which were to prove prophetic…

Indeed, the 1994 FEI World Equestrian Games™ were, unfortunately, unable to sustain the momentum gathered during the first ever WEG. The second WEG, at The Hague in The Netherlands in 1994, was dogged by organisational and administrative chaos and ended in financial bankruptcy. Although The Hague had been mooted as a potential venue for the second WEG, the Paris bid had initially been successful. However, the French project fell apart and a few months later the second-placed bidders from Holland eagerly took on the task. Despite their enormous enthusiasm and Holland’s excellent reputation for show management and sponsorship acquisition, the event was seriously marred by a number of issues including site management.


Andrew NicholsonJager Maister IIEventing Individual48th
Andrew NicholsonJager Maister IIEventing Team6th
Blyth TaitDeltaEventing IndividualEliminated
Howard HarrisEastwinds ChloeEndurance IndividualDNF
Maurice BeatsonMy Irish EmbassyShowjumping Individual82nd
Paulette StannardZephyrEndurance IndividualEliminated
Sally ClarkSquirrell HillEventing Individual53rd
Sir Mark ToddJust an AceEventing Team6th
Sir Mark ToddJust an AceEventing Individual47th
Vaughn JefferiesBounceEventing Team6th
Vaughn JefferiesBounceEventing Individual1st
Vicky LattaChiefEventing Individual26th

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