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1988 Olympic Games, Seoul

Date: 17 September – 02 October 1988

The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games will be remembered for the numerous exceptional performances as well as for the highly mediatised disqualification of sprinter Ben Johnson.

The equestrian facilities, located at the Seoul Equestrian Park at Kwachon, began to take form as early as 1983 and were completed in April 1988. The Park provided stables for 970 horses and parking for 3,500 cars. It was huge investment for a country with practically no equestrian tradition. In fact a census a few years before had shown that Korea – a country of 41 million people – had only 1,058 horses, of which 500 were racing ponies.

All horses travelling to Korea had to spend 21 days in a pre-flight quarantine. Most European horses came on two flights – on 4 September and on 10 September – departing from Frankfurt via Moscow to Seoul. On arrival the horses stayed for 36 hours in quarantine at the Equestrian Park.


Maurice Beatson   Showjumping Team 12th
Maurice Beatson   Showjumping Individual 48th
Sir Mark Todd Bago Showjumping Team 12th
Sir Mark Todd Bago Showjumping Individual 26th
Sir Mark Todd Charisma Eventing Team 3rd
Sir Mark Todd Charisma Eventing Individual 1st
Tinks Pottinger Volunteer Eventing Team 3rd
Tinks Pottinger Volunteer Eventing Individual 5th 
Andrew Bennie Grayshott Eventing Team 3rd
Andrew Bennie Grayshott Eventing Individual 20th 
Margs Carline Enterprise Eventing Team DNF

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