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1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles

Date: 28 July – 12 August 1984


After the terrorist attack in 1972 and the financial disaster of 1976, only Los Angeles, host of the 1932 Olympics, bid for the right to host the 1984 Olympic Games. As the Los Angeles Games were the first since 1896 to be staged without government financing, the organisers depended heavily on existing facilities and corporate sponsors. Although criticised at the time, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games became the model for future Games, particularly after it was revealed that they had produced a profit of USD 223 million.

With the Olympics being held in the United States only four years after the US-led boycott of the Moscow Games, it was not surprising that the Soviet Union organised a revenge boycott in 1984. This time only 14 nations stayed away – but those nations accounted for 58% of the gold medals at the 1976 Olympics. Despite the boycott, a record 140 nations took part. Good feelings prevailed to such an extent that at the Opening Ceremony the athletes broke ranks to join in spontaneous dancing, such celebration usually being reserved for the Closing Ceremony.


Andrew Nicholson   Eventing Individual 28th
Andrew Nicholson   Eventing Team 6th
Sir Mark Todd Charisma Eventing Team 6th
Sir Mark Todd Charisma Eventing Individual 1st
Mary Hamilton Whist Eventing Team 6th 
Mary Hamilton Whist Eventing Individual 22nd 
Andrew Bennie Jade Eventing Team 6th
Andrew Bennie Jade Eventing Individual 37th 

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