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1976 Olympic Games, Montreal

Date: 17 July – 01 August 1976


The 21st Olympic Games were allocated to Montreal, in the Canadian province of Quebec. Initially, the costs to host the Games had been estimated at 23 million Canadian dollars (CAD), whereas the effective costs doubled to reach CAD 47 million, with costs development for the equestrian competitions overrunning by over 400 percent. Two separate parties presented their estimates to construct the facilities for the Equestrian events and the Montreal Organising Committee decided to award the contract to the cheaper estimate. But an original estimate of CAD 1 million eventually turned into a colossal CAD 4,425 million. Some good came out of this decisions however. The equestrian stadium built at Bromont, where all the equestrian competitions were held except for team Jumping, was near perfect: on the side of the valley there were seats for 15,000 spectators; on the other side were the facilities for the organisation, the media and the VIPs. The steeplechase was nearby as was the cross-country. The equestrian programme was held over nine days plus two rest days.

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