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1960 Olympic Games, Rome

Date: 25 August – 11 September 1960


The budget of the 1948 Olympic Games in London had been CHF 5.7 million; Helsinki had used CHF 12.9 million and Melbourne CHF 13.2 million. The budget of Rome was CHF 120 million and the Games, which were widely broadcast on television in Europe, became a milestone in the popularisation of Olympic sport.

Piazza di Siena in the park surrounding the magnificent Villa Borghese is certainly one of the most beautiful horseshow grounds. The first international Concours Hippique was held there in 1922. Pratoni del Vivaro, near Rocca di Papa in the Alban Mountains, 35km south of Rome, was used for Eventing. Since then Pratoni has hosted several FEI Eventing Championship. The Olympic stadium, built in 1953, was the site for the final competition of the Games, the team Jumping. The Organising Committee for the equestrian events was headed by a former international Jumping rider, Francesco Formigli. The technical head was Bruno Bruni and the two course designers were Alberto Lombardi for Jumping and Ranieri di Campello for Eventing.

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