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Eventing High Performance Programme

About Eventing High Performance

The Mission for the ESNZ Eventing High Performance Programme is to operate a world-leading high performance system which produces repeatable and sustainable successes at Olympic and World Championships that both inspire Kiwis and make us proud.

The High Performance Programme, consisting of the High Performance squad and the High Performance Futures squad operates across both New Zealand and the United Kingdom and supports those combinations tracking towards the World Championships and the  Olympic Games.

The High Performance Potential squad  recognises talented riders who are capable of and aiming to produce high performance horses for future championships, albeit that their current horsepower may not yet meet the High Performance Selection Criteria

The Performance Programme consisting of the Talent Development and Talent ID squads is about introduction, exploration and development of the skills, learnings and experience and targeted at younger, upcoming riders.


The Eventing Performance and High Performance Squads will be formally reviewed twice a year, although selectors have the discretion to make changes during the year.

If you believe that you have future championship horses that meet the Criteria, please email [email protected] with the requisite detail around you and your horse so that he can ensure that you are considered by the selectors.


The selectors for the High Performance Squads are:

  • Cindy Llewellyn (UK)
  • Judy Bradwell (UK)
  • Mitty Forsyth (NZ)

The selectors for the Performance Squads are:

  • Mitty Forsyth
  • Vicki Glynn
  • Nick Pyke
  • Karen Niederer

Current Riders / Squads

View the  current Eventing High Performance Squad riders.


High Performance Squad

High Performance Recognition Squad

High Performance Futures Squad

High Performance Potential Squad


Talent Development Squad

Talent ID Squad

Eventing High Performance Sponsors

Kevin Bacon UK are very excited with their new sponsorship arrangement to supply Team NZ with specialist Kevin Bacon hoof products. It is great that the riders horses can benefit from the use of our products and we can help them on their way to success at Rio 2016.

Eventing Team NZ High Performance Squad members are receiving a range of the Kevin Bacon Hoof products, including Kevin Bacon’s Original Hoof Dressing: Which is an essential item to keep the horses feet in perfect condition. It maintains correct moisture in the feet and stops them drying out or becoming brittle and cracking. ‘No foot, no horse!’

The range Kevin Bacon is named after the Australia Show Jump rider and created by Jean Jacques, a butcher from Belgium. He had a horse suffering from an avulsion fracture on its front heel. Unable to find a product to heal it, Jean teamed up with vets, homoeopaths and chemists to develop the Kevin Bacon’s 100% natural hoof dressing.

Racing Blue have been working closely with Eventing Team NZ since the 2011 season when Erik Duvander and team vet at the time Ollie Pynne chose to start using their revolutionary feed supplement STORM. STORM is scientifically proven to boost a horses’ natural ability to manage muscle acidosis, which occurs during intense exercise and so helps to delay the onset of fatigue and supports recovery.

The technology behind STORM was developed in horses at the world famous Animal Health Trust by our nutritional experts and since then has been widely used in human athletes. Racing Blue support Eventing Team NZ with their considerable scientific and nutrition expertise in conjunction with their sister company Independent Equine Nutrition. Dr Catherine Dunnett Nutritional Director of Racing Blue says “We really enjoy our work with Eventing Team NZ they are a great group of people and we hope that our efforts help Erik Duvander and his team leave no stone unturned in the run up to Rio”

Bespoke New Zealand Wine, Little Beauty, have been an official supporter of Equestrian Sports New Zealand High Performance Team since 2013 and are right behind the team as they build up to Rio 2016. Little Beauty sponsors wine for our Eventing Team NZ fundraising/hospitality events and supplies our riders and their valued owners with a great selection of Little Beauty’s wines.

One of the reason’s Little Beauty’s, Fleur McCree wanted to support Team NZ was she clearly recalled the feeling when Mark Todd and Charisma – the horse he rode to win two Olympic Golds – cleared the last fence in 1988, with everyone in New Zealand shouting ‘you LITTLE BEAUTY Mark!’ Fleur describes it as “an inspiring moment in life and one of the reasons why Little Beauty is called Little Beauty!”

A great supporter of the sport it is great too often have Fleur present at the top competitions to cheer on the Team.

Westgate EFI and Bruno Goyens De Heusch have been sponsors and supporters of Team NZ since 2008. The present sponsorship was put in place before the last Olympics and they are fully committed to the NZ Squad and team leading up to Rio 2016.

Westgate EFI kits out our horses at team competitions with bespoke NZ rugs and stable wear, including our stable fronts which make the Kiwi area look so great! With exceptional attention to detail even down to the the head collars, lead ropes and brushes, nothing escapes the New Zealand colours. Westgate also supply our riders with individual sponsorships of rugs, safety equipment, saddle clothes and items of clothing. Westgate EFI’s continued commitment to Team NZ and our High Performance Squad definitely assists us in standing out as a Nation and a team.

Are the Official supplier of riding jackets for the Eventing High Performance Team NZ. They produce the stunning bespoke jackets and tail coats for our riders to compete in at our Team competitions and have been sponsors since before the Olympic Games in 2012.

Dainese are proud to be the Official Protection Partner and team uniforma supplier of Team New Zealand Eventing. Members of the New Zealand Eventing squad have to opportunity to wear the Balios 3 Body Protector from Dainese as part of their safety equipment for the cross country stage of eventing.