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FEI & International Information

All you need to know about competing in FEI classes, including FEI Rider and Horse registration, FEI passports and how to obtain an International Riders Licence.

What FEI requirements do I need to compete?

  • FEI Rider & Horse Registration
  • FEI Passports & Recognition Cards
  • International Riders Licence


FEI Registrations are MANDATORY under the rules of the FEI and must be renewed before entering your first FEI Competition each year. All registrations expire on 31st December each year regardless of when during the year athlete or horse is registered. FEI rider registration is free until the calendar year the rider turns 18.

FEI registrations for the following calendar year open on the 1st of November.

FEI Registration is not required for riders and horses who participate only in the FEI Children’s Competitions and World Challenges. 

As of the 1st of January 2017 all newly registered horses with the FEI must obtain a national passport from ESNZ prior to registration (see FEI General Regulations Article 137). The National Passport must be filled out by a vet, include the horse’s microchip number and serves as a way to identify the horse by diagram and record the vaccination history. An approved National Passport can easily be upgraded to an FEI Passport as a Recognition Card once the horse reaches the level requiring an FEI Passport.

You must have FEI Registration if you are competing in the following:

  • CSI: Jumping
  • CCI or CIC: Eventing
  • CDI: Dressage
  • CEI: Endurance

To renew your current FEI Rider Registration or complete a new FEI Rider Registration ($30):

  • The Rider must be a current ESNZ Full/Child Member.
  • The Rider must be a New Zealand Citizen or be eligible to hold a NZ Passport (ESNZ members who are not NZ citizens and hold a passport of another country must be registered by the National Federation of that country.

To renew a current FEI Horse Registration ($47.50) or complete a new FEI Horse Registration ($47.50) the horse must:

  • Have a current ESNZ Full Equine registration.
  • Have a microchip (unless registered with FEI prior to 2013).
  • Be recorded with the correct owners.
  • Have a current FEI ID number or National Passport on record with ESNZ.
  • Have at least one owner who is also a New Zealand Citizen and be eligible to hold a NZ passport.

The FEI does not issue cards for FEI Registrations. You may find current Registrations on the FEI Database

Every horse that is registered with the FEI is required to have an FEI Medication Treatment Logbook maintained as a detailed register – it is an FEI Rule.

When do I need an FEI Passport for my horse?


If you are competing your horse in any of the following FEI classes you will require an FEI passport:

  • Showjumping – CSI3*, 4* and 5*, CSI-W World Cup
  • Dressage – CDI3*, 4* and 5*, CDI-W World Cup
  • Eventing – CCI4*-S, CCI4*-L, CCI5*
  • Endurance – CEI2*, CEI 3* and CEIYJ3
  • When competing in any FEI Class outside of NZ

How long does it take to process a FEI Passport?

It may take up to four weeks for ESNZ to process an FEI Passport. ESNZ will charge an extra $20 for those FEI passports needing to be processed within 7 working days of competition. To obtain an FEI Horse Passport or complete a new FEI Horse Passport Registration, the horse must:

  • Have a current ESNZ Full Equine Registration.
  • Be recorded with the correct owners.
  • Have a current FEI ID number or National Passport on Record with ESNZ.
  • Have a microchip.
  • Have at least one owner that is also a New Zealand Citizen and is eligible to hold a NZ Passport.

Do I Need a Rider’s License?

A Riders Licence is a requirement if you are planning to ride overseas. Your ESNZ Full membership will need to be current as any license processed will run concurrently with your membership. When competing overseas you will be required to have an ESNZ Full Membership at $148.26/$95.31. Please note that if you intend to ride in FEI classes overseas you will also need to be FEI registered. Some National Federations also require that you become a member of the country in which you are competing for national classes. New Zealand has the same policy for Foreign Riders; they must be members of ESNZ to compete at national level.

How Much Is a Rider’s Licence?

Rider License fee (as of 1st August 2014) is $50

How do I Obtain a Rider’s License?

Complete a Rider Licence Form and submit it to ESNZ with payment and we can arrange for a Rider’s License to be processed and emailed to you.

How long does it take to process a Rider’s Licence?

A rider licence is approved by the discipline Sport Manager and the General Manager of ESNZ.
Please be aware that this can take a couple of days to process.

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