Horse Power NEC Taupō NEC Christchurch

Facilities Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is linked to the delivery of quality experiences in both recreational and
competition environments. Your feedback before commencing this project was the need for suitable
access to quality facilities.
The value in this strategy is it provides insights and guidelines as to how we can approach facility
planning and development.
It provides:
1. Clear evidence and direction to best deliver equestrian experiences,
2. Prioritise where we need to focus our attention.
3. The catalyst for our equestrian community to work together more.
4. The ability to inform key stakeholders, both current and new.
The strategy should be used as a tool to help inform decision making. The specifications referred to
in the strategy are set to be aspirational. We accept that given the varied nature of our facilities
there is no one size to fit all. To offer quality experiences we need a mix of venue types and sizes
which are complementary to one another and financially sustainable – having the right type of
facilities in the most suitable locations. This is important to ensure a quality facility network for all
participants no matter the level.