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FAQs for ESNZ registered Coaches regarding the impact of Covid-19, as at 16 May 2020

Are there any government restrictions preventing a coach from teaching?

Are there options for remote coaching?

Where can I obtain information on the most up-to-date government regulations?

Will ESNZ’s insurance provide cover for coaching during COVID-19?

Does my coach insurance provide cover for any lost revenue or income?

What financial assistance may be available to me as a coach?

Annual Coach registration is due 1 August 2020. My first Aid Certificate / Police Check is due for renewal, will I be able to renew?

Annual Coach registration is due 1 August 2020.  A requirement for renewing is ongoing development, what if I have not completed enough of this due to lockdown?

What do I need to include in my Covid-19 Worksafe plan?