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Athlete Courses

Online Anti-Doping Courses for Athletes

DFSNZ E-Learning

If you are an athlete or support person who needs the completion of your anti-doping education registered, please launch the Level One, Level Two or Coaches e-learning programmes here: (ESNZ recommends this for ALL ESNZ Registered riders)

Unregistered DFSNZ Course

If you do not need your completion registered by DFSNZ (eg school student, teacher or support personnel), please launch the Clean Sport 101 e-learning programmes here: (ESNZ recommends all riders completing this course first, and parents, coaches and officials also to do this course)

Online WADA Course

Athletes, coaches/trainers, medical personnel and sport administrators will find courses tailored to their needs on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)’s  ADeL platform.