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2019 Para Winter Camp

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June 

National Equestrian Centre, Taupo

Bought to you by riders for the riders!

This is not an ESNZ endorsed camp or anything to do with Para Equestrian NZ but purely a social weekend organised by two fellow para riders.  Everyone who chooses to come does so purely at their own discretion and risk and expense and are responsible for their own safety, their horse and horse’s safety.  Their own support crew and their safety and all costs associated with getting there, food, hay and facility ground, yard and camp fees.  Emphasis on the weekend is fun!  

Please also note the second “wimp factor” disclaimer at the end of this page.

The Plan

Come and join us for two days of fun, yakking, hacking and general mucking about to get to know everyone better, share ideas about gear we use, gadgets  we have discovered to make life easier, exercises we do, apps or You Tube channels we follow and to appreciate the other grades by having some fun riding movements from their tests along with a Pot Luck dinner Saturday night!  

Friends, crew, families all welcome to bring their own horses as well.  The more the merrier.


(Is your responsibility and all fees are payable direct to the NEC)


All costs are the attendees responsibility.  All fees are payable directly to Taupo NEC using either the Honesty Box at the centre or by paying online by direct debit.

  • Facility Fee                   $10 per day
  • Yard/ Paddock Fee     $15 per night
  • Camping Fee                $10 per truck per night
  • Power Connection      $5 per night
  • Portacabin                    $20 per person per night (includes access to communal cooking area)

Facilities we have booked to use

  • Bell Tea Arena    Saturday 10am – 3pm and Sunday 10am – 12pm
  • Sand Arena 3      Saturday 10am – 3pm and Sunday 10am – 12pm

The indoor has been fully booked both days by another user so this is not an option.  These two spaces should be more than enough room plus we can hack over the grounds.

Pot Luck Dinner

  • Where:            “Para Camp” somewhere by the Portacabins
  • When:              From about 6pm 
  • Bring:               Something to share food wise.  Quantity wise, just enough food to feed the people you bring.  Preferably pre-cooked!  (Oven and microwave in the Ablution block to use) plus we will have a small BBQ and the brazier for heating.

Don’t forget to bring a chair, torch or headlamp for navigating, a blanket, plate, cutlery and your drink!

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  As much as we would never miss a horsey weekend, due to the “constantly cold to the bone and no amount of clothing helps” nature of Nicola and Jodie.  Should the weather be forecast as snow or torrential rain then we may cancel.  We apologise in advance if the weather lets us down and will make the final decision Friday morning!