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Jumping Committees

Members of ESNZ Jumping’s Committee for FEI, Performance Rider’s, Technical portfolios, and National Selectors

FEI Committee

Maurice Beatson – Chair
027 450 9426

Gerrit Beker
Fiona Bentley
Emma Buckingham
Matthew Dickey
Ray Egarr
Ashley Hart

Performance Committee

Jan Hunt – Chair
021 399 258

Jackie Jermyn
Mandy Illston
Richard Sunderland
Penny Tapley
Claire Wilson

Riders’ Committee

Claire Wilson (Chairperson)
06 858 6313


Paula Mussen (Northern North Island)
027 447 4194




Lucy Maley (Show Hunter)
03 318 7227

Technical Committee

Amanda Illston – Chair
027 232 4557

Judy Bowen – Steward General
021 103 8735

Gerrit Beker
Fiona Bentley
Roger Laplanche
Malcolm McKee
Megan Myers
Claire Wilson

National Jumping Selectors

Jackie Jermyn (Chair)

Chris Harris (SI)

Oliver Edgecombe (High Performance)

Other ESNZ Representatives

ESNZ Jumping representative on ESNZ Board: Jenny Booth
ESNZ Jumping representative on ESNZ Technical Committee: Mandy Illston
ESNZ Jumping representative on NI NEC: Craig and Jenny Booth
ESNZ Jumping representative on SI NEC: Chris Shore
ESNZ Jumping publicity officer: Diana Dobson
ESNZ Jumping representative on HOY equestrian committee: Kaye Williams & Ross Coles