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Show Hunter Series Sponsors

We introduce our sponsors to you for the 2018/19 season. 

We introduce our sponsors to you!


Show Hunter is looking for more sponsors. If you have information on or are approached by someone wanting more information on becoming a sponsor please contact: Show Hunter Executive Member Kate Mullins 027 248 8456.

Thank you for looking after these sponsors by ensuring their information is visible and heard during your event – we really do appreciate it. 

2018/2019 Show Hunter Sponsors


NRM has been feeding rural New Zealand for over 120 years. Offering a wide range of quality animal feeds to nourish large scale dairy farms to backyard chickens and everything in between, NRM is particularly passionate about equine nutrition.

The team of Nutrition Specialists, together with international nutrition partners Kentucky Equine Research, have the experience and expertise to maximise your horse’s performance and wellbeing through every stage of its life. After more than a century of dedication, NRM is a trusted name in nutrition.

Contact details: Sarah Hill

Phone: 0800 800 380

Email: [email protected]     


Gyro Plastics Ltd was started in 1968 in Wellington, producing products for the electrical industry and custom moulding for companies in NZ and Australia. Since 2000, Gyro Plastics have concentrated on servicing the electrical networks with a range of underground distribution pillars and cabinets. Custom moulding is still carried out as required by their customers. For more information on Gyro Plastics products please visit

Contact: Trudi Duncan

Ph: 0272580026

Email: [email protected]


As passionate second generation farmers Nick and Katherine Bennik are proud to produce the SPCA Blue Tick approved premium eggs for you and your family to enjoy.  Nick and Katherine were one of the first farms to be accredited with the SPCA Blue Tick for cage free barn and free range production in New Zealand.

These eggs have been produced by happy hens that are free to express their natural freedoms.

They are able to nest, roam around, scratch, socialise and have continuous feed and water available in a safe and sheltered environment.

Happy hens lay the ultimate eggs!!

Thank you for supporting a positive change in hen welfare.

Contact Katherine:

Ph – 0275 475 249

Email – [email protected]



Cartown Category A Highpoints 

Cartown Palmerston North has been owned and operated by the current owners for more than 20 years. Jo, Steph, Glynn and Michelle have strived to develop a company with a reputation for delivering great cars, with great service by great people. Over the past two decades business operations have continued to evolve to produce the Cartown people know today. Cartown sell new brands including Haval and Foton, as well as used vehicles. Additionally Cartown recently acquired a service centre, which is located right next door to the dealership, to take care of the servicing needs of the surrounding community.

Contact Mackenzie Coutts:

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 0275533636


Burger King Category B High Points Burger King proudly supports a wide range of sports as well as respected charities such as Canteen. Their support of professional level sport right down to smaller community events are just one way Burger King can give back to the communities in which they operate.

Burger King restaurants are located throughout New Zealand and are a great place to celebrate after a day at the show with a varied menu to suit the whole family.

Contact: Daniel Kim

Ph: 09 477 4808

Email: [email protected]


Aniwell has been developing leading veterinary products in New Zealand for over 40 years. The Aniwell® range of skin, wound and sun protection products – FiltaBac®, FiltaClear® and Active Manuka Honey Vet (AMHVet®)  are suitable for all types of animals. Providing antibacterial wound protection and total sun-blocking.

Use all year round to protect and assist with sun exposure, sweet-itch, mud-fever, other common skin conditions and for protecting cuts, bites, grazes and general wounds.

Contact: Sam Sinclair

Phone: 027 825 9484

Email: [email protected]