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Thursday May 7th: The First Horse Inspection, or trot up, is where the Judges for the class and a Veterinarian assess the horse’s fitness to compete in the Event. The trot up is done in hand with horse and rider immaculately turned out.  It is a great place to get a close look at the competition horses and for photographs to be taken, especially when the horse is at the trot so riders can show the athletic nature of their horse.

Friday May 8th starting from 8am – approximately 4.30pm:  Dressage The first test is Dressage, which comprises a set sequence of compulsory movements in an arena 20 metres wide and 60 metres long (40 metres at lower levels of competition). At CCI4* level the test is judged by three international judges, placed at different vantage points, who are looking for balance, rhythm and suppleness and most importantly, obedience of the horse and its harmony with the rider.

Saturday May 9th, from 8:45am – approx 4:30: Cross Country Day two of the three day event consists of the challenge of the Cross Country test, where a course of natural obstacles has to be jumped – again inside an optimum time.   Being over the time, stopping at or running out the side of obstacles incurs penalties.  If a horse or rider falls in the National Championship classes, they are not allowed to continue on.  The main class, the CCI4*-L starts at approximately 1pm.

Sunday May 10th – Final Horse Inspection & Show Jumping 

The horse inspection starts at 8am. The show jumping starts at 10am.

Day three is the show-jumping test consisting of one round of jumping with a maximum time allowed, and the objective is to jump all the fences clear inside the time. The fences are not as high as top level show-jumping but are quite substantial for horses which are not specialists at show-jumping and who have completed the gruelling cross country challenge the day before. Fences knocked down and refusals incur penalties as does exceeding the time allowed.

Mounted prize giving presentations will run throughout the day.

Spectator Admission

Friday – Dressage: Free

Saturday Cross Country: $5 per vehicle or a gold coin per person.

Sunday Show Jumping: Free

Trade stands will be at the event including food and beverage vendors. 

Directions to the NZ3DE

The NZ3DE is held at the National Equestrian Centre, 114 Rapids Road, Aratiatia in Taupo.