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Useful information and resources for event organisers and secretaries 


A veterinarian must be registered with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand and hold a current Annual Practising Certificate to officiate at events with a competition of 40km or longer. 
Foreign vets must be registered in their home country and work alongside a registered NZ vet at an event.
A Foreign Vet needs to be registered in NZ to treat any horses.

For events with CEN competitions 100km and longer there must be a minimum of two vets at the event and  one of the vets  must be on the ESNZ Endurance list of National Level 1 and higher vets. The level of vet required will depend on the distance of competition being held. Vet requirements can be found in Section 5 of the ESNZ Endurance Supplementary Rules.

Officials Required for Events

The number and level of officials required at events depends on the type of event being held.
Details on the requirements can be found in the Supplementary Rules, Section Five.