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Combined Awards

Awards that are for both endurance and CTR

  • 2018-2019 Non-Arabian Kilometres
  • 2018-2019 Loyalty Award - Rider
  • 2018-2019 Loyalty Award - Ground Crew
  • Non Arabian
  • Loyalty Award - Riders
  • Loyalty Award - Ground Crew

2018-2019 Kilometres for Non-Arabian Horses

  Kms   Breed
Artsfellow 341   Standardbred
Blacknight Lika 280   Riding Pony/TB
Goldie Rox 264   Appaloosa/QH
Colorado Skye 264   Appaloosa
DA Toad 260   Stationbred/TB
Tres Bein LS 242   NZ Sport Horse
Blacknight Mako 240   Riding Pony/TB
When The Cats Away 220   Standardbred
Ruhana Goldrush 189   Stationbred/WB/TB
Candy 180   Thoroughbred/Welsh
Jubilee Black Dahlia 120   Welsh Pony
Wembleybrook Caperkeeley 110   Connemara/Riding Pony
Kaptive 105   Thoroughbred

2018-2019 Loyalty Award – Rider

Emma Watson  17 rides
Patricia Ireland  17 rides

2018-2019 Loyalty Award – Ground Crew

Wendy Farnell  11 events

Non Arabian Award

The Equigear trophy was presented in 2016 by Sandy Rawlings for the most combined kilometres (endurance and CTR) achieved in a season by a horse of non-Arabian descent.

Year Horse Breed Owner
2019 Artsfellow Standardbred Kim Swan
2018 Blacknight Mako Riding Pony/TB Deidre Swain
2017 Colorado Skye Appaloosa Jenna Underwood
2016 Colorado Skye Appaloosa Jenna underwood

Loyalty Award – Rider

This award is for  the rider who has entered the most competitions throughout the season

2019 Emma Watson 17
  Patricia Ireland 17
2018 Penelope Valk 15
  Vanessa Tiffen 15
  Lucy Newton 15
  Paula Kerr 15


Loyalty Award – Ground Crew

This award is for the person who helps at the most events throughout the season

2019 Wendy Farnell     11