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Combined Awards

Awards that are for both endurance and CTR

  • 2017-2018 Non-Arabian Kilometres
  • 2017-2018 Loyalty Award - Riders
  • Non Arabian
  • Loyalty Award - Riders
  • Fair Play

2017-2018 Kilometres for Non-Arabian Horses

Blacknight Mako39630426Riding Pony/TB
Blacknight Lika280 280Riding Pony/TB
Dublin Dancer26020280TB/Standardbred
Colorado Skye 263263Appaloosa
Prince Caspian240 240Stationbred/Welsh Cob
Charlie Brown40142182Stationbred Pony
Jireh160 160Quarter Horse
Peruvian Vance 144 144Standardbred
Dellta Light of Honour5087137Holsteiner/TB
Kyrewood Miss Marlie6537102English Riding Pony
Lightning Joe40100100Standardbred
Shadow of the Storm455499Pony
Badgers Honey Bar404080Appaloosa Quarter Horse
Innocent Angel80 80Thoroughbred

2017-2018 Loyalty Award

Penelope Valk15
Vanessa Tiffen15
Lucy Newton15
Paula Kerr15
Daryl Owen14
Jayden Loveridge14
Sean Trafford13
Anna Hynes13
Georgia Smith13
Ruth Dawber13

Non Arabian Award

The Equigear trophy was presented in 2016 by Sandy Rawlings for the most combined kilometres (endurance and CTR) achieved in a season by a horse of non-Arabian descent.

2018Blacknight MakoRiding Pony/TBDeidre Swain
2017Colorado SkyeAppaloosaJenna Underwood
2016Colorado SkyeAppaloosaJenna underwood

Loyalty Award

This award is for  the rider who has entered the most competitions throughout the season

2018Penelope Valk15
 Vanessa Tiffen15
 Lucy Newton15
 Paula Kerr15


Fair Play Award

2017Tahlia Franke –  Australia
2015Richard Armstrong