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ESNZ Dressage & FEI Tests

ESNZ Dressage 2019 & FEI Test Marking Sheets and Test Books 

ESNZ Dressage Tests updated  to Version 2019 on 1/8/19.

Dressage NZ acknowledges the USEF, USDF and the EFA/Dressage Australia and the Dressage Directory for their assistance in the production of the 2019 ESNZ Dressage Tests and diagrams from Introductory through to Level 6

The 2013 tests are  now  obsolete. Unauthorised use of these tests is not permitted.

2019 Dressage Test Books are available from the the ESNZ web shop , or the Dressage Sport Manager for bulk orders of 10 or more. Email [email protected] Alsocheck with your local area dressage group, many of whom stock the test books. 

Price $20 plus pp (Rural Delivery additional) 
Many saddlery stores will also stock the Dressage Test Books 

Dressage Test Marking Sheets / Pads will no longer be stocked by Dressage NZ, but it will be possible to order these. Dressage NZ Test Pad Order Form1_7_21
All test sheet orders must be submitting to  Dressage NZ for processing 

Area groups, affiliated OC’s, member organisations will also be able to print their own test sheets. Contact [email protected]  for access.   

Diagrams on Dressage Directory  site are no longer available but are included  in the test books

Explanatory Notes for Riders & Judges Oct 2019

INTRODUCTORY TESTS ESNZ 2019 (Non- graded) Publish Date 9/7/19

PRELIMINARY TESTS ESNZ 2019 (Level 1) Publish Date 9/7/19:  Test 1D MVT 1 Updated 18/7/19

NOVICE TESTS 2019  Publish Date 9/8/19 Update to Freestyle Test

ELEMENTARY TESTS 2019 (Level 3) Publish Date 9/7/19  /  Update FS Page8 : 9/8/19 

MEDIUM TESTS ESNZ 2019 (Level 4) Publish Date 9/7/19 / Update FS Page8 : 9/8/19 

ADVANCED MEDIUM TESTS 2019 (Level 5) 2019 (Level 5) Publish Date 9/7/19 / Update FS Page8 : 9/8/19 FS Correction 28/7/20 
Compulsory Movement 1 is Medium Walk (not Extended Walk) 

ADVANCED TESTS  ESNZ 2019  (Level 6) Publish Date 9/7/19  / Update FS Page8 : 9/8/19 

ALL FREESTYLE TESTS can be found in each level of tests above
Publish Date 9/8/19  Note amendments below 

Novice: Walk to Canter is Not Permitted
Elementary:  Renvers is not permitted (deleted from list of permitted movements )
Medium: Renvers is not permitted (added to not permitted list)
Adv Medium: Renvers is  Permitted (added to permitted list).
Advanced: Correction to descriptions of Movements 3 & 4 re shoulder in

Note: FEI Prix St Georges, Int I and Int I Freestyle and all FEI Young Rider Tests will be Level 7 from 1/9/19.

Level 6 pts earned up until 1/9/19 will remain as Level 6pts


The FEI have notified  modifications to a number of the Senior and Childrens Tests Effective 1 Jan 2020.

These changes will effective in National and FEI competitions in NZL from 1/1/20 

View the summary of changes here 

FEI tests can be downloaded free of charge and printed from this link

Freestyle Guidelines for Judges & Riders (NZL rules). To be updated

FEI Freestyle Judging Guidelines for all Levels


DNZ YDH 4YO Round 1

DNZ YDH 4YO Round 2

DNZ YDH 5yo Round 1v13_11_22

DNZ YDH 5yo Round 2

DNZ YDH 6YO round 1

DNZ YDH 6YO Round 2


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