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Our People

Administration Team
Board Members
Elected & Appointed Roles

Our Team

Sport Manager

Wendy Hamerton
04 471 5849 / 027 240 2702

Dressage Office Hours are 8.30 – 4.30 Monday to Friday.  For all membership and registration inquiries please contact the National Office membership team.

Series Points Coordinator

Jos Gresham
027 322 1717


Board Members


Sarah Hazlewood
021 270 0283


Sue Hobson
0275 927 431


Scott McKenna
021 222 0286

Marketing & Communication

Michelle Zielazo
027 254 0574

Training & Development

Linda Warren-Davey
027 300 0145


Elected & Appointed Roles


To be announced



Appointment Panel Committee Representative

Debra Cowen
021 929008

Island Rider Representatives

Role: Island Rider Representatives are elected to the national committee by riders at each Island Championship annually. Their role on the national committee is to specifically represent the views of riders and advocate on their behalf,  in addition to contributing to whole of sport development strategies 


2018/19 Rider Representatives

North Island
Alicia Zeludko 
021 0252 4111 

South Island 
Jude Nickolls  
021 027 15197

Steward General

Jane Robertson
Level 3  FEI Steward

The Steward General and is responsible for overseeing dressage steward education. Contact the Dressage SG with queries about stewarding and if you would like a stewards course in your area.

Young Rider Convenors

North Island
Leanne Stokes 
027 318 9239


South Island
Julia Thomson
027 509 1972

NEC Committee Representatives

Taupo NEC
Debbie Barke

Christchurch NEC
Soo Wells