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FEI Competitions

FEI competitions are run under the jurisdiction of the FEI and complying with FEI rules for Dressage, General Regs and Veterinary Regulations.  These are updated annually on 1st January.  Riders entering in FEI competitions have a responsibility to understand the rules which can be found at

FEI competitions are international competitions run under FEI rules and give NZL riders the opportunity to qualify for World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games. NZl riders can compete in FEI competitions in NZL and abroad. NZL currently offers three FEI competitions annually. Check the rules and FEI registration requirements for horses and riders for these events in the FEI schedules.  

FEI Registrations for horses and riders are valid from 1 Jan – 31 December annually. Registrations are processed through ESNZ. You can register now for the CDI events  in 2024

WDC: FEI registration is optional.
CDI1*/2*/Y/J: FEI registration is compulsory for horse and rider.  Competing in a CDIY/J outside NZL an FEI horse passport is required.
CDI3*:FEI registration is compulsory for horse and rider. FEI horse passport is required.

FEI Registration Forms