Horse Power NEC Taupō NEC Christchurch

What is our number limit for our upcoming event?

Do the number limits, where applicable, include officials and volunteers?

Do the number limits, where applicable, include children under 12?

Are spectators included in the number limits?

If the region I reside in is currently in Red, can I travel to an event that is in Orange?

How do we know if our show is classed as an Event or a Gathering?

How much CVC information can be stored by ESNZ or entry providers?

What about children who have just turned 12, do they need to immediately get vaccinated to compete at CVC only events, and show a CVC?

Can an event have a bar open and, if so, how is this managed? Does the bar need a QR code for scanning?

I agist outside horses on my property, what do I need to have in place under CPF?

Can I coach under the CPF and at what levels?