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In the late 90’s I became increasingly disappointed with my own ability.  I had previously competed for many years in the UK, eventing and show jumping, and bringing on young Irish competition horses for a dealer. I also have my British Horse Society Intermediate Instructors Certificate.  Over time the horses I rode often presented similar problems, I did not improve and no coach seemed to really address or even identify what was going wrong.  I all but gave up.  However when I came across Mary’s first book I was blown away by how effective her coaching methods were.

I have travelled to Mary’s for a number of courses and coaching courses.  The horse’s welfare is a priority and my aim as a coach is to support riders learning through feedback from their horse.  This is not a different way of riding but a clearer way of understanding ‘feel’.  Mary has spent 20 years working out what talented riders do and as you can imagine it is a complex subject, but the difference with Ride With Your Mind  is how the rider is given clearer non aggressive support by a RWYM coach to enjoy the journey at any level of riding.

Some ‘Mary’ statements I think are great :- 

There are no stupid questions

You don’t know what you don’t know

What was the difference that made the difference

Keep peeling the onion

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