The mid-year high performance selection review has been completed with some exciting movements in the squads.

In jumping, there remains no one on the High Performance Squad, with two new combinations added to the High Performance Futures Squad. Daniel Meech aboard Ortolaan Van Het Ruytinxbos and Uma O’Neill with Luigi D’Eclipse join Josh Collins with Cornel, Julie Davey and both Just D and LT Holst Freda, Phillip Steiner aboard Cassina Dior, Sophie Scott with Waitangi Skynet, and Sharn Wordley on Champion League.

There are new additions to the High Performance Potential Squad which has moved to being a combination selection rather than just a rider. Luke Dee on Gangster WW and Sophie Scott with both Benrose Stellar and Normandy GHP, join Annabel Francis with Nebraska Van’T Vianahof, Logan Massie with Florence and Samantha Whale with Fleur Delacour.

Three new riders have joined the Talent Development Squad with Isabelle Jameson, Johanna Wylaars and Kimberly Carrington joining Makenzie Causer, Samantha Carrington, Tamara Silcock and Tyla Hackett.

The Talent Identification Squad welcomes eight new riders, with Cara Quinn, Charlotte Conder, Fran Corich, Liv Teixeria, Olivia Newsom, Samantha Wakeling, Sophia Blackbourn and Tara Gower joining Ben Weir, Emma Gillies, Samantha Gillies, Molly Moffatt and Penny Borthwick.

There hasn’t been as much movement in the eventing squads but there’s plenty to be excited about. Tim and Jonelle Price remain the only two on the High Performance Squad with their mounts Falco, Coupe De Coeur Dudevin and Grappa Nera.

It’s a long list on the High Performance Futures Squad with James Avery aboard Dallas 13 and Samantha Lissington on Lord Seekonig added.

Charlotte Penny moves from Talent Development to the  High Performance Potential Squad, and  Charlotte Edwards is the only new name on the Talent Development Squad. Harriet Gelb, Holly McInnes, Mia Gilbert and Scout Lodder are the newcomers on the nine-strong Talent ID Squad.

In the Dressage squads there is still no one on the High Performance Squad, and no changes to the High Performance Futures Squad, featuring Gaylene Lennard with Jax Johnson, Melissa Galloway on Windermere J’Obei W and Wendi Williamson with Don Vito MH.

Susan Tomlin and Mandy Littlejohn join Kallista Field and Vanessa Way on the High Performance Potential Squad, with Casey Burton, Baldeep Dhillion and Lynley Stockdale new on the eight strong Talent Development Squad. Anna Wilson is the newbie on the Talent Identification Squad, joining Francesca Masfen, Gemma Lewis, Holly Hanson, Rebecca Mobberly and Samantha Belsham.

By Diana Dobson – High Performance Media Liaison

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