Dressage NZ Board, Committee, Sub-Committee & Other Vacancies 2024 

  1. Judges Officer – Board
    Nominations are open for this elected position. (3 year term with the possibility of a further three years )  This role has overarching responsibility for the Judges Sub-Committee activity and Dressage Board Directorship. Travel and accommodation expenses to Board meetings paid as required.

  2. Finance Officer – Board
    This is an appointed position. EOI are open. The FO is responsible for the day-to-day Financial Operations of Dressage NZ. Approx 10-12 hrs per week in addition to the directorship. This role attracts an Honorarium for these services outside of the Board role (governance / strategic). This for a three year term with no limit to the number of three year terms that the FO may hold. Travel and accommodation expenses to Board meetings paid as required.

Other Vacancies

a) Judges Sub-Committee: – Appointed positions. EOI open. Two sub-committee members with power to co-opt further members by agreement between the Board & the JSC. The role of the JSC is to support the Judges Officer ensuring that JSC responsibilities are planned & managed efficiently and within annual budget.

b) Steward General – Appointed position (Committee Voting Position). EOI Open. Currently for one year but subject to remit outcome may extend to three years. To manage stewards development pathways / manuals/ and work with national events re stewards appointments.

c) Committee Representative to Appointment Panel. Elected position
Nominations are open. This role may come from within the current committee or may be an ESNZ member not currently on the committee as an area voting delegate or other role. The Chair and Vice Chair along with this elected member make up the Dressage NZ Appointment panel

d) 2 X Island Rider Reps (Committee Voting Positions) Elected by riders
Nominations are open. If more than one nomination for either role is received an election will be held on line

e) Youth Council Rep: Meg Johnston has been appointed by Youth Council for 2024/25

 f) Dressage Reps to each Island NEC. EOI invited for one Dressage rep to each NEC. (Not committee voting members)

g) Riders Rep on Development Committee: EOI invited. Must be competing Level 5 & above. This is a two year term working with the Development Committee to assist Dressage NZ achieve strategic outcomes and programmes for members. 

For further information and /or full Position Descriptions /Terms of Reference, please contact the Dressage Sport Manager [email protected]

All Nominations & EOI should be receive by Dressage Sport Manager [email protected] by Friday 24th May

Dressage NZ Vacancies Notice – download this document 

DNZ Finance Officer PD V2024

Judges Officer PD_V_2024

Nomination Form _Cte_Appt Panel_2024

Rider RepNomination form 2024

DRESSAGE NZ EOI – 2024     
EOI Notes:

Finance Officer (Board): For a three-year term
Judges Sub-Committee:  Up to 2 Appointed Member(s) for a three-year term to support the Judges Office 

Board Appointments
Dressage Steward General (one year term) NB: If 2024 remit passed this will be for a three year term
NI & SI ESNZ Equestrian Centre Committee Representatives ( 1 for each NEC)