Hard on the heels of a successful Taupo Three Day Event, the winners of the Eventing TiES (Thoroughbreds in Equestrian Sports) Series have finished on a high note, despite weather and other disruptions throughout the summer. 

Lizzie Green took out first place in the Ties Eventing Series from points across the season on Comanche II, after winning three consecutive CCI3* campaigns at the Puhinui Three Day Event, and the Brookby and Matamata Horse Trials.

“He has been brilliant,  he’s been on really good form lately and tracking nicely up the grades,” says Lizzie.

Comanche II is co-owned by Lizzie in conjunction with close UK friend, Stew Sharman.  Now 11, he had been raced until he was five then sent to the professional rider for schooling, after she returned from an eight year stint in the UK.

“He hasn’t been an easy horse to produce.  I used to struggle to get him to focus on the jumps and at times he’s been quite electric.  He has really matured over the past 18 months.”

Lizzie says she’s had many Thoroughbreds over the years, and has been fortunate to have had some really good ones.  “Tom” has been one of her favourites.

“We’re lucky in New Zealand that we have such a good supply and that New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing are supporting us.  So it’s a good incentive to do the work and produce them,” says the Hamilton mother of two. 

“Selection process of thoroughbreds is critical, it is VITAL to choose the ones that have retired sound and are the correct type for the work we are asking of them in eventing. But if you produce them correctly, they try hard, they want to run and they want to jump.  And that makes them fun to ride and produce.  It’s really rewarding as you are really changing them into a new career.”

TiES Eventing Series winners for 2022/23 are Lizzie Green and Comanche II.

For the TiES Eventing Series New Zealand Bloodstock Newcomer award-winner Gemma Hampson, Nightshift is the first Thoroughbred she has owned. 

“He’s the project horse that I decided to keep,” laughs Gemma. 

Gemma and Nightshift have had a comparatively short competition history with just five outings at 1.05m, and completing their first CCI2* start in December where they placed second.  He’s had top five results at nearly every event.

“He’s a really careful jumper, dressage has come along, and two events in the autumn have shown he’s really consistent.  I was surprised he won the Newcomer considering the weather and fewer events we’ve had.  He’s done really well and shows the sort of guy that he is,” says Gemma.

It’s been a challenging year for the duo, as Gemma has been training the stunning grey gelding while studying for a Bachelor or Health Sciences degree, graduating last July.

“We’ve had a bit of fun, and quite a few bare-back rides between lectures,” she grins.

Now, as a qualified radiographer at North Shore Hospital, Gemma has decided to move to Australia later this year to further her medical career, meaning Nightshift will be sold.

“It’ll be the longest break I’ve ever had away from riding and I’ll miss him, but he has to go.”

Gemma Hampson and Nightshift won the TiES Eventing Newcomer Award.

The TiES Series is sponsored by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing and aims to promote the qualities of off-the-track Thoroughbreds embarking on second careers as sport horses.   New Zealand Bloodstock is a proud supporter not only  of the racing and breeding industries, but also initiatives and events that align with racehorses off-the-track, supporting them in their show of versatility, athleticism and second careers after racing.

A multi-discipline series, TiES is hosted by Equestrian Sports New Zealand across Dressage, Eventing, Jumping and Show Hunter, with points collected from throughout the season.  

Eligible horses must have a New Zealand Track Racing number and current ESNZ registration. 

Lizzie Green – 1st; Savanna Stirling – 2nd; Brittany Fowler – 3rd; Helen McGrath – 4th; Carys McCrory – 5th; Charlotte Penny on behalf of Monica Spencer – 6th.

The top six winners in the TiES Eventing series:

  1. Lizzie Green on Comanche II
  2. Savanna Stirling on Shillings
  3. Brittany Fowler on Game Keeper
  4. Helen McGrath on Reboot WTB
  5. Carys McCory on Nemesis
  6. Monica Spencer on Chasing Great

The Eventing Newcomer:

      1.  Gemma Hampson on Nightshift

The TiES Series Best Performed Eventing winners:


  1. Shannon Galloway on Day Walker
  2. Savanna Stirling on Shillings


  1. Carys McCrory on Nemesis
  2. Kelly Clarke on DSE Iceman
  3. Donna Edwards-Smith on DES Mannering


  1. Sonya Benison on As Good As You Get
  2. Mackenzie Marlo on DES Presley
  3. Scout Lodder on Overnight Success


  1. Susan Le Mesurier on My Talisman
  2. Stephanie Vervoort on Zachariah O’Herr
  3. Bryar Kirkeby on HNS El Corredor