The Para Sport Collective aims to transform the environment, connection, and support for Para athletes and their coaches.

Many Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) stakeholders believe there is a ‘grey area’ currently referred to as ‘pre-High Performance’ (pre-HP), encompassing Para athletes and coaches that are not quite at a level where they receive high performance support. Many of these pre-HP athletes and coaches currently feel unsupported and disconnected from the pathway, and this can affect their wellbeing and progress. The Para Sport Collective aims to provide an efficient and effective approach to build the confidence, skills and capabilities of Para athletes and coaches across all Para sports, while transforming the environment, strengthening the connection and increasing support for the inclusion of Para athletes and coaches.

Designed to align and complement existing national and regional programmes, the Para Sport Collective programme will provide in-person camps and virtual support across a variety of Para sports for Para athletes and coaches to build connections, confidence and knowledge through shared experiences and talent enrichment. Para athletes often have the challenge of training in geographic isolation, having lower numbers of fellow athletes within individual Para sports, and having a wide range of disabilities. The Para Sport Collective approach will truly build a sense of community that most Para athletes and coaches currently do not get to experience. 

Support such as expertise, sports science, and funding guidance will be included in the programme. The Para Sport Collective will be offered to 60 Para athletes and 40 coaches in two intakes over a 3-year period.  The Collective approach will include three in-person camps per intake (alternating between North Island and South Island locations), and bi-monthly virtual connection opportunities over an 18-month period.

Equestrian Sports NZ is honoured to have been allocated one spot for an athlete and one spot for a coach. It’s an amazing opportunity for our sport, if you have any questions or would like to discuss this opportunity, please email Sam Jones here.

EOI forms can be found here: