Notification of Rule Amendment

Annex 11: Jumping Series Conditions: Five Year Old Breeding Summer Series Conditions



It was passed at the Jumping AGM 2022 to increase the speed of the 5 year old series to 325m/min (from 300m/min).


This was changed in the rule book Five-Year-Old Breeding Series, Art 4.2 (Competition) to “ Before 1st Jan Max Obstacles = 10 @1.10m, speed 325mpm…”

However was not changed in the para “From 1st January Max Obstacles = 11 @1.15m, speed 300mpm…..”


We wish to clarify the speed change to 325mpm applies to the entire season and this adjustment will be made to the rule book.


New wording is now

““From 1st January Max Obstacles = 11 @1.15m, speed 325mpm…”