Keryn Edmunds with Falco. The NZ Team Camp prior to the FEI World Championships for Eventing – Pratoni | Roma. Manton, Marlborough. United Kingdom. Wednesday 7 September 2022. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Given the year Team Price has had, it is probably no surprise that their head girl Kerryn Edmans is also in the running for the Cavalor FEI Best Groom award . . . and she is going to need everyone to vote for her to cap off a brilliant 2022.

The winner will be found 50-50 between popular vote and the judges consideration, so VOTE HERE for Kerryn. Voting closes on October 16.

The 27-year-old from Hanmer Springs was both chuffed and a little speechless to find out she had been shortlisted. “I thought it was just for eventing, not all the disciplines,” she said. “I do love my job but I guess I am humble in what I do. I am not skiting to the world that I do a fab job, just head down and looking after the horses as best I can.”

That said, Kerryn says it is really nice for grooms to get a little recognition.

The day of departure, and it is all about the grooms and the horses leaving the NZ Team Camp prior to the FEI World Championships for Eventing – Pratoni | Roma. Manton, Marlborough. United Kingdom. Friday 9 September 2022. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

She’s been with Team Price for six years. She left for three-and-a-half years after the Rio Olympic Games, heading to be a vet tech for Christiana Ober, who works with the new Zealand eventers. When COVID struck her vet tech work got a little light and then Jonelle asked her to come back for a year . . . that was two-and-a-half years ago.

“I just can’t pull myself away. I have known them so long and watched them develop, so I feel a part of their whole journey. I look after their epic horses who take me all over the world – it is amazing.”

Her mum Michelle used to work for Tim when he was based in New Zealand and there were always jokes about getting her to head to the UK to work for them when she grew up. “I never imagined I would have come over for this long though.”

Her proudest moment was the team medal at the FEI World Eventing Champs recently. “And to have Tim sneak onto the podium right at the end was just incredible.” Tim and Jonelle have been working so hard since London. As individuals they have done so well but the team medals have evaded them, so to finally all come together was phenomenal.”

Kerryn has been head girl since 2020 and works alongside part timer – and former head girl – Lucy Miles and seven or so others.

Her favourite horse has been Classic Moet for a very long time, but she admits Bango is also pretty high on the list and Falco is creeping up. “Falco is a phenomenal little horse and so easy. He is a very polite little character whereas Classic Moet – she’s just a freak of nature and not normal. She’s sassy and likes things how she likes them. She likes being grubby, eating grass and going fast.”

Organisers said the nominations had been truly impressive. Kerryn is not the only Kiwi on the shortlists, with former jockey Trevor Harrison in contention for the FEI Against All Odds award.

As well as the best groom and against all odds awards, the FEI are also seeking winners for the Peden Bloodstock FEI Best Athlete, Longines FEI Rising Star and FEI Solidarity Awards. There are 20 shortlisted candidates from 15 countries in the final lists.



By Diana Dobson – HP Media Liaison
Photos by Libby Law/ESNZ