Register for the upcoming Jumping Course Design Seminars for 2022


To register, fill out the Google Form at this link CourseDesignSeminar2022


A Note from Eryn Duffy:


Hi Everyone,

Last season we held our online Seminars to update everyone on new rules, regulations and basics on Course Design. I thank everyone for popping online to do these seminars and hope we have managed to retain some of you to learn and continue or do some Course Designing.

This year we will be doing the same for our listed Course Designers, and of course you are welcome to attend whether you are a current course designer or someone still interested in becoming one.

We will be holding three online Seminars. They will be covering rule changes and updates. They will also be discussion based. I found last year there was plenty of robust discussion to be had and it is a good platform to do it on. 

Dates are set below for…. 

August 30th 8pm. 
August 31st 8pm
September 6th 8pm. 


Looking to the future it is hoped the online attendance Seminar that gives you the ability to stay current with your ESNZ Official status will be a Practical Course that you are required to attend in-person so we can touch base with you all personally and keep you up to date with things – far more comprehensively.

Leading on from that, we would love to get some practical days off the ground. 

Laying out courses is a skill and being able to do that for a competition environment is invaluable. Having horses/ponies jumping over the courses that we lay out means we get to witness the effects of what is built in real time.

These practical days will not be compulsory but we encourage everyone that is going to be designing throughout the new season to try and attend one.

With that in mind if there are areas that are willing to organize and hold a Practical day please let us know. If you sort the day we will provide the expertise to take the course. A good way to do this is to combine it with your Winter or Spring training days. Could you please email Eryn Duffy on [email protected] if you are willing to hold a course. 

Further to that, if you are someone that is keen to get some assisting under your belt with any of ESNZ’s experienced Course Designers please also let me know.  I would love to be able to ‘hook’ you up with someone  – even for a day.  Knowing what area you are from would help a lot in getting you to a show nearby. 

Any questions do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you, winter well.

Kind regards,

Eryn Duffy

FEI L2 Course Designer

ESNZ Technical Committee.