The Dressage Conference Agenda 2022 is now available|

Conference Agenda 2022 Updated 30_7_22

One of the key presentations and discussions will be  Call It Out ! For the Love of the Game

As discussed at the 2022 Planning Meeting the formality and cost of the current complaints procedure is not conducive to calling out behaviours which either are currently, or can escalate to, harassment and bullying. Complainants do not always feel supported and will back away for fear of further behaviours  or in some cases perceived to detrimental to their own future in the sport as an athlete or official.   

 What is the answer ???  Despite a variety of ESNZ policies and programmes including Change the Rein,  Member Protection, social media policy, Athlete & Officials Code of Conduct, and Conflicts of  Interest, there is evidence that to vary from these policies goes unchecked for a number of reasons

Dressage NZ welcomes Todd Astle to begin the discussion re the effects that inappropriate comments and communications can have on any participant in our  sport

how the love of the game can be affected…..

Innerspin has been founded by international cricket player Todd Astle. Todd has played for the New Zealand Blackcaps in Test, ODI and T20 cricket. He has also played over 100 first-class matches for Canterbury and is the association’s leading all-time wicket taker. Having experienced numerous challenges, triumphs and set backs, both on and off the field, Todd has harnessed his experiences and learnings and his aim is to inspire and empower others to maximise their potential. In the sporting arena, winning in the mind is the number one competitive advantage today. Innerspin has been created to help offer resources to best facilitate you reaching the top in your chosen sporting pursuits. Ultimately ‘Innerspin’ is about encouraging and assisting you to become the best version of yourself and has a strong focus on promoting sustainable excellence and overall wellbeing. Todd has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Recreation Management from Lincoln University and is a certified life coach and mindfulness coach through ANZI Coaching.. He is also a qualified Level 2 NZ Cricket coach.


 With Todd Astle, Julian Bowden (CEO), Scott McKenna (Dressage Chair) Lucarne Dolley (Youth Council Chair) Olivia Ballantyne (new Board member  Performance & Development & HR Advisor People & Performance for Mercury Energy), Ashleigh Kendall (NI Riders Rep 2022 – recent graduate Diploma of Arts – Massey majoring in Psychology with elective papers in Sociology)

We welcome Olivia Ballantyne and Suzanne Inglis to the Board for a three year term and Ashleigh Kendall as the NI Riders Rep (read more about Olivia and Ashleigh in the agenda)

You can also read all the portfolio annual reports including the positive year end financial position despite a covid affected season. 

We look forward to 2022/ 23 year with considerable excitement