The Rutherford Cup, presented for Premier Jumping Champion


There’s plenty of history etched on the silverware on offer for the Tavendale & Partners New Zealand National Jumping Championships in Christchurch next week.

The ultimate is the Rutherford Cup, awarded to the premier jumping champion but prior to 1995 was given to the winner of the teams’ competition.

The cup is named for Ben Rutherford, a former president of ESNZ (previously the New Zealand Horse Society) from 1959-1962. Kim Bird and Cera Cassina won it in 2021 but it had stayed on the shelf, unpresented for the four previous years from 2017-2020.

There are many great names on the trophy but Katie Laurie (nee McVean) rules with four wins on four different horses – Dunstan Lucca (2016), Dunstan Breeze (2015), Dunstan Kiwi Iron Mark (2014) and Dunstan Delphi (2010).

Maurice Beatson and My Gollywog claimed a hattrick of wins from 2007-2009, with John Cottle also claiming a trio of wins with Telegraph (2004) and Jeep Supermoth (1999 and 1997), and Tokyo Olympian Daniel Meech winning it twice with Argento (2012) and Remington Auto (1995).

The Mary Dalley Memorial for the winner of the Horse Grand Prix crown was also first presented in 1995. It is named for former president Mary Dalley (1975-1978) who had a lifetime of involvement with the New Zealand Horse Society and the sport.

Oliver Croucher and Waitangi Surf were the victors in 2021 with Tegan Fitzsimon and Windermere Cappuccino winning in in 2019 and 2020.

Once again Katie Laurie (nee McVean) has won it multiple times, with Luego GNZ (2016), Dunstan Springfield (2015), Dunstan Breeze (2014) and Wild South (2004). Her father Jeff also won the trophy with the mighty Dunstan Flower Power (1997). Daniel Meech (2012), John Cottle (2010) and Harvey Wilson (1995) also feature.

The Pony Grand Prix championship has set the scene for a number of very good riders who have gone on to great things. Katie Laurie has thrice won the crown, along with Claudia Hay, Logan Massie, Amanda Wilson and twice by Lucy Olphert. The Buist-Brown sisters Rosa and Molly both feature, along with 2020 and 2021 winner Emma Gillies.

This year a new trophy has been donated by Alan Hampton for the Pony Grand Prix Champion, known as the Hampton trophy.  Alan Hampton has contributed to NZ Show Jumping over many years being instrumental in the establishment of the NEC Christchurch and in 1996, the development of National Show Jumping Championships.


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1 February 2022