Number 12 – 10 December 2021



Equestrian sport named in Olympic programme for Los Angeles 2028

Following the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board meeting yesterday, the IOC announced that equestrian is one amongst 28 sports to be proposed for inclusion in the Olympic programme for the Los Angeles 2028 Games. The initial list of twenty-eight sports to be recommended for the LA28 Initial Sports Programme which has been agreed is now subject to final approval at the IOC Session in February 2022. Discussions also focussed on defining the process for finalising the disciplines in each sport offering early certainty to athletes, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), International Federations (IFs) and the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG).
Universality, integrity and fairness, gender equality and popularity were highlighted as key requirements of the evaluation criteria which will be used to determine the disciplines and events for the programme, in line with the recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020+5. Athlete safety, environmental sustainability and keeping the sport relevant to youth were also reiterated as significant factors in the decision making process. 
An FEI Press Release will be sent shortly and published here.

FEI launches FEI Events Standards – Stakeholder Survey 

The FEI has created a stakeholder survey to ensure the maintenance and continued improvement, of an already existing high standard, at FEI Events.

This survey, launched yesterday 9 December 2021 until 14 February 2022, will help the FEI better understand the expectations of its key stakeholders, and the information collected will help guide the future approach of the FEI to ensuring that these are met.
Available in four languages (English, French, Spanish and German), we encourage everyone to take part in this survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes, and thank you in advance for your time and your pertinent feedback. 
Have your say and take the FEI Events Standards Stakeholder Survey today.


FEI Championships and Bidding: Updates

FEI Vaulting European Championships for Young Vaulters 2022
Further to the rule change in the FEI Vaulting Rules as of 1 January 2022, Continental FEI Championships for the age category of Young Vaulters (age 16 – 21) may be held every even year. Therefore, the FEI has opened a bid process for the FEI Vaulting European Championships for Young Vaulters 2022. Bids can be initiated by any interested party by completing and submitting a Bid Application Form to the FEI via the FEI online bidding platform. A Bid Guide which provides details about the requirements and opportunities relating to the FEI Vaulting European Championships for Young Vaulters 2022 is also available on the bidding platform.
The applicable bidding process timeline is as follows:
Bidding Process Timeline
9 December 2021 Bid Process opened.
10 January 2022 Deadline for submission of the Bid Application Form to the FEI via the FEI Online Bid Platform.
17 January 2022 Host Agreement sent to all Applicants.
31 January 2022 Deadline for Applicants to send back a signed version of the Host Agreement. Host Agreement to be signed by the Applicant and National Federation
Jan – Feb 2022 Review Process:  The FEI Vaulting Committee reviews the applications, provided that the Host Agreement is signed by the Applicant and the NF, and provides the FEI Board with its recommendation. Consultation with European Equestrian Federation.
February 2022 Allocation decision by the FEI Board upon recommendation of the Vaulting Technical Committee.

FEI World Cup Finals 2025 and 2026 – Deadline to bid: 14 January 2022
National Federations are kindly reminded that the deadline to submit bids for the FEI World Cup™ Finals 2025 and 2026 in the disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, Driving and Vaulting is 14 January 2022. Interested parties can initiate a bid by completing and submitting a Bid Application Form to the FEI via the FEI online bidding platform. A detailed Bid Guide which provides details about the requirements and opportunities relating to these events will also be available on the bidding platform.
National Federation Contact for FEI Bidding Processes
In connection with the operation of the FEI Bidding Platform, we are aware that some of you have not been receiving the expected notification of submission when a new bid is submitted by an Organiser. As a consequence some National Federations were not able to approve/or not the submitted bid. This may be due to the fact that we do not have the details of the person in your NF who is authorised to do this or the details that we have are not up-to-date.
For the sake of the accuracy and efficiency of the bidding processes, we would like to kindly ask you to provide/confirm to us by 5 January 2022, the full name and e-mail address of 1 person in your NF who is:

  1. Responsible to receive the notification that a bid has been submitted; and
  2. Entitled to approve/or not the submitted bid in the FEI Bidding Platform

We would be grateful if you would provide this information to [email protected]. If we do not hear from you by 5 January 2022 we will assume that the contact person that we have on file for your NF is up-to-date.


Global FEI Horse Health Requirements starting 1 January 2022

We would like to draw your attention to the approved modifications in the FEI Veterinary Regulations 2022 in regards to Horse Health Requirements and the use of the FEI HorseApp, which will be implemented globally from 1 January 2022.

The Horse Health Requirements (derived from the EHV-1 By-Laws applied in Europe from 31 May to 31 December 2021), have been put in place to:

  • protect FEI horses and global equestrian sports from the consequences of infectious diseases being transmitted before, during and after FEI Events;
  • provide reassurance of the high health of equestrian sport horses to global, continental and national veterinary authorities and organisations; and,
  • to maintain and further improve the conditions for international movement of sport horses.

In accordance with Art. 1029 and 1031 of the FEI 2022 Veterinary Regulations, as of 1 January 2022, ALL Horses competing at ALL FEI Events worldwide must fulfil the Horse Health Requirements via the FEI HorseApp.

The relevant requirements are controlled by FEI Veterinarians and FEI Officials at the Examination at Arrival and throughout FEI Events. FEI Veterinarians officiating at FEI Events will also need to perform the Examination at Arrival using the FEI HorseApp.

Sanctions for non-compliance are already in force for Horses competing at FEI Events in Mainland Europe, these will be introduced worldwide in due course.

Visit the dedicated hub detailing the new Horse Health Requirements starting from 1 January 2022 for more information.
For any questions regarding the Horse Health Requirements or the FEI HorseApp, please contact [email protected]


Use of face masks at prize giving ceremonies

The discipline-specific Covid-19 guidelines have been updated to reflect the revision made earlier this year to the Covid-19 guidelines for Prizegiving protocols and media activities regarding the use of face masks, which although highly recommended is no longer imposed by the FEI at prize giving ceremonies if the locally applicable laws and policies do not require it.
The guidelines for each discipline can be found in the Policy, Risk Assessment, Guidelines & Protocols section of the FEI Covid-19 hub.

Revised Clean Sport for Humans section in the FEI Clean Sport hub

We are pleased to inform you that the Clean Sport for Humans section in the FEI Clean Sport hub has been entirely updated, with expanded content.

The updated pages provide a more comprehensive overview as well as an explanation of the key human anti-doping rationale and concepts. They are the starting point for anyone in the sport, especially athletes and athlete support personnel, to understand this essential aspect of their equestrian activity.
Athletes and athlete support personnel are also strongly encouraged to take one of the online courses promoted in the Clean Sport for Humans pages in order to learn the skills necessary to comply with the human anti-doping rules and avoid unintentional doping violations.
Any questions you may have can be directed to [email protected].



Online Eventing Risk Management and NSO Seminar, 22 January 2022
The online Eventing Risk Management and NSO Seminar will be organised on 22 January 2022. The agenda can be found on the FEI Eventing Risk Seminars 2021-2022 page, where you will also find a link to watch the Seminar on replay.
Amendments to FEI Eventing Dressage Tests CCI1*, CCI5*A and CCI5*
For 2022, the Eventing Dressage Tests for CCI1*, CCI5*A and CCI5*B have been slightly amended. Track changes versions will be available on request as of 13 December 2021. Should you wish to receive the track change version, please contact Réanne Meylan.  


FEI Vaulting – Side reins study:
The FEI is pleased to inform you of the launch of a study on the use of side-reins and draw reins in Vaulting, in partnership with the Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Équitation (IFCE) and the Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE).
The IFCE, with the support of the FEI and the FFE, will organise different testing sessions in Europe on a series of different side and draw reins. The objective and the goal are to measure side and draw rein tensions, to define factors to ensure appropriate use of equipment for the welfare and well-being of the Vaulting Horse, as well as safety of the Vaulters.
The study will be conducted on horses of international level with FEI level competing Vaulters performing a set number of Vaulting exercises. Data on the pressure on the side reins will be collected as well as data on the locomotion and well-being of the horse.
The study will be conducted during 2022 and the findings will be available in spring 2023.
A summary of the protocol for the testing sessions can be found here. Should you be interested in taking part in this study, please send an email to the FEI Vaulting department and the complete protocol can be sent.

Para Equestrian

Para Equestrian Forum 2022
The Para Equestrian Technical Committee is pleased to announce that registration for the Para Equestrian Forum 2022 is now open. The Forum is open to all members of the Para Equestrian Community and will take place online, over three interactive sessions in January and February 2022.  
Interested participants should contact their National Federation in order to be registered directly in the FEI Online Education Calendar, under the discipline Para Dressage. The deadline for registration is 10 January 2022.
Two interactive sessions will take place on 18 and 19 January 2022 and the third session on Classification will be organised at a date to be confirmed in February 2022.
The session on 18 January will focus on the upcoming full Rules revision, looking specifically at changes to competition structure (CPEDI1* – 3*, CPEDIOs, Championships and Series). It will go into detail of the levels of Events, tests to be ridden, qualification criteria and Officials requirements at Events.
The session on 19 January will focus on development of the sport, and the possibility to create an FEI Para Dressage World Challenge.
The third session (date TBC) will cover Classification research, Classification during the Pandemic, Classification governance and Classification procedures and reminders.
For more information please see the Para Equestrian Forum hub, and any questions can be directed to the Para Dressage Department.

Veterinary Department

FEI Veterinary Education System
In line with the recommendations of the FEI Working Group on Officials, please be informed that the FEI Veterinary Education System has been fully revised by the FEI Veterinary Department and the FEI Education and Officials Department and will be implemented as of 1 January 2022.
Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] at the FEI Veterinary Department.

Season’s Greetings from the FEI