Four nominations have been received for the two vacant positions on the ESNZ Endurance Board so an election will be held with voting closing at 5pm on 10th January 2022. The candidates for the election are:

Sue Billigheimer       Proposer:  Ron Guest           Seconder:  Jenny Weston

Petria Haigh               Proposer:   Andrea Rigby     Seconder: Rena Johnsen

Kate Honour              Proposer:   Susan Reid         Seconder:  Georgia Smith

Marga Marshall         Proposer:  Rena Johnsen     Seconder:  Andrea Rigby

Click on the name of the candidates to see their testimonials and answers to the required questions.    

Voting is now open. Click HERE to vote.    

To be eligible to vote you must:        
Be a current ESNZ member with one of the following categories of membership: 
     Lifetime Membership
     Full – Competitive Rider Adult Membership 
     Non-Competing – Official Membership   
     Non-Competing – Volunteer Membership (not listed technical official)               
Be a member of an ESNZ Endurance Affiliated Club               
Be 18 years of age or older

The successful candidates will be announced no later than 12th January 2022.