Pictured L-R: Jos Gresham, Jenny Draper and Marilyn Vincent (with Karen Potter)

Congratulations and a huge thank you to ESNZ’s December 2021 Volunteers of the Month, Marilyn Vincent, Jos Gresham and Jenny Draper.

ESNZ’s Operations Manager Emma Gowan nominated these three fabulous officials who volunteered their time to help the ESNZ team load all of the officials’ awards data into the new database. 

“The way that this information was stored in the previous database meant that it could not be migrated automatically, so the ESNZ team had the big task of having to load this information manually into the new database,” said Emma. 

The task took two days to complete with over 700 officials to be loaded and meant that we were able to launch the database with the officials’ directory completed. 

“The ESNZ team couldn’t have done it without the help of these three superstars and thank them for their time and assistance.”

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