Covid-19 Update for 10/12/2021

The team at ESNZ would like to provide the following update one week into the new Traffic light system.

  • As a National Sporting Organisation, ESNZ is required to run competitions under the Framework that has been implemented via Sport NZ and the Government.
  • The Framework clearly allows for gatherings to be run with Vaccine Passes and without Vaccine Passes. The requirements change as the traffic light colour changes.
  • ESNZ is working with Disciplines and Organising Committees to ensure they have support and that we have confidence the gatherings can be delivered within the guidelines.
  • ESNZ is committed to providing opportunities to all our members by providing safe and managed environments that meet all requirements.
  • We have seen a significant amount of negative feedback from a few members with regards to the framework that we must work in. These are not ESNZ developed frameworks. Our requirement is to work within the guidelines while keeping members, officials, judges, sponsors and volunteers safe. All of this must be aligned for our gatherings to run.
  • We accept people have different opinions and we know that everyone is entitled to them. We are not here to judge. Please be very mindful of the comments you are making and the individual’s right to make choices. Online abuse is unacceptable and is the type of behaviour that is quite frankly just unhelpful.
  • Please also be mindful that often the venues being used by ESNZ and organising committees have their own mandates around allowing people into the Facility with or without Vaccine Passes.
  • The team at ESNZ is developing a calendar with each discipline and their organising committees to let members know the potential status of the various shows/gatherings from now till the end of the season. Events will also be asked to clearly state this in their conditions.
  • As before, all gatherings will need to provide their event plans for approval.
  • Decisions around points series will be made by the respective discipline Boards in late January. We should have a clearer picture by then of the number of shows still to be run. We are still working with requests from Organising committees who are looking to run extra events in the back half of the season.
  • Things will continue to change so we must remain flexible in our approach. We will continue with regular updates with any new information that comes to hand.
  • Finally, this is a time we need to come together. None of us are responsible for the situation we find ourselves in but we are committed to try and do the best we possibly can for all members.
  • We attach our information again around gatherings at the various levels under the traffic light system.

From the Team at ESNZ