Nicole White and LC Samson winners EvoEvents Horse Grand Prix. 

Photo credit The Art of Michelle Clarke


Nicole White has made it two from two in the EvoEvents Horse Grand Prix Series with back-to-back wins aboard LC Samson, this time at the Ashburton Area ESNZ Showjumping and Show Hunter Show.

The 27-year-old sports massage therapist headed home seven other combinations in a hotly-contested class who were all certainly challenged by a technical and solid Roger Laplanche-designed course.

Just Nicole (Invercargill) and Olivia Robertson (Queenstown) aboard Grandaire were clear in the opener but they took a rail each in the second round. Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) and Flying Dutchman DHU and Steffi Whittaker (Christchurch) aboard Whimsical WDS were both clear in the second but had time penalties.

It is just Nicole and Samson’s second show of the season. Her plan was for a solid clear and apart from “a wee banana line” in the treble, everything went to plan. “Other than that I was super happy with the first round. It was technical and big out there but a really beautiful track.”

Her plan for the second round was to go clear and post a time that ensured Olivia had to work hard. As it was, Nicole and Samson crossed the flags in 55.85 seconds with Olivia coming home in 59.17.

“I was a bit surprised at how much faster I was but I did ride my lines really economically. Because Samson is so slow across the ground, I have learnt to ride good lines. Anyone was in with a chance of winning today, I am just glad it was us.”

Olivia came in for second with Lucinda third. Nicole was chuffed with the win, which made the seven-and-a-half hour drive from Invercargill worth it. “It is a competitive series and so nice to be a part of it. Getting more Grand Prix starts makes having a World Cup start more achievable.”

The combination had one World Cup start two years ago but Nicole broke her legs two weeks after and they’ve not had a chance to head north again.

“Winning today makes me feel really confident about the training I do at home.”

Nicole, who trains with Jill Ullrich, splits her time between working on the family deer farm and practicing sports massage therapy. She has had Samson for five years and says while he is arrogant, he is a “very cool, talented” horse to ride.

Eleven combinations started the Country TV Pony Grand Prix with nine coming back for the second round where just two kept their slates clean. In the end it was Samantha Gillies (Oamaru) aboard Doctor Jones whose 49.85-second effort took the win over Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) and Wembleybrook Tiffany who stopped the clock at 54.86 for second. Emma Gillies (Oamaru) and Benrose Eclipse filled third spot with a four-fault 50.23-second round.


Results –


Showjumping, EvoEvents Horse Grand Prix Series (in conjunction with Dennis Bird): Nicole White (Invercargill) LC Samson 1, Olivia Robertson (Queenstown) Grandaire 2, Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) Flying Dutchman DHU 3, Angus Taylor (Ohoka) Sea Coral 5, Kimberley Bird (Ashburton) Cera Cassina 6.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series (in conjunction with Catalyst Performance Agronomy): Samantha Gillies (Oamaru) Doctor Jones 1, Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) Wembleybrook Tiffany 2, Emma Gillies (Oamaru) Benrose Eclipse 3, Angus Price (Winton) Fun House 4, Jessica Hore (Roxburgh) Tallyho Scoundrel 5, Molly Smith (Timaru) Vapour Trail NZPH 6.


Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider Series (in conjunction with Tavern Harewood): Molly Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Vali 1, Tyler McKee (Gore) Corrida 2, Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Eye Catcher NZPH 3, Katie Meredith (Ohoka) Vulcan GNZ 4, Courtney Townsend (Darfield) Corofina ECPH 5, Sally Spicer (Christchurch) Corrine HSH 6.


FMG Young Rider Series (in conjunction with Property Brokers): Sophie Townsend (Darfield) My Super Nova 1, Peita Milne (Nelson) Ngahiwi Warrior 2, Samantha Gillies (Oamaru) Lumarzo 3, Olivia Harkerss (Kaikoura) Lacona Ammoe 4, Makenzie Causer (Christchurch) Copabella Camouflage 5, Anna Nalder (Rangiora) Letano 6.


Mainland Coach Work Junior Rider Series: Emma Gillies (Oamaru) Chic Xtreme 1, Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) Sioda 2, Bella Taane (Ohoka) Wabi Sabi 3, Meg Bisset (Blenheim) Bewitched NZPH 4, Mikayla Wycliffe (West Melton) Covergirl B 5, Jakob Pascoe (North Canterbury) Bravo 6.


Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series (in conjunction with Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings): Katie Beattie (Outram) Smarty Arty 1, Lindsay Colwell (Prebbleton) Waitangi Netflix 2, Candace Kingsbury (Ashburton) Allie Saab 3, Gayle Baker (West Melton) Clariton 4, Jade McRae (Invercargill) Silver Hearts Legacy 5, Rik van Miltenburg (Winton) Houston ST 6.


East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series (in conjunction with Annette Scott Communications): Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Thornfield Luna, Sarah Parkes (Marlborough) Windermere Centarosa, Gayle Baker (West Melton) Riverdown Rock N Roll and Nicole White (Invercargill) Double J Wolverine =1.


UltraMox Six-Year-Old Series (in conjunction with Hayden MacKenzie Contracting): Millie Brinsdon (Cromwell) Frankton ZQN, Amy McMullan (Timaru) Pure Cascade, Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) Gatsby NZPH, Makenzie Causer (Christchurch) Lord Axel GNZ, Emily Cammock (Christchurch) Zealand Blue HSH, Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Celebration ECPH and Georgina Dormer (Christchurch) Google NZPH =1.


Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series (in conjunction with The Lion Foundation): Lucy Olphert (Queenstown) Kiwi Strike 1, Louise Marriott (Rangiora) Maximillion I 2.


Show hunter, NRM Open High Points Series (in conjunction with Ashburton Forks Storage): Sophie Townsend (Darfield) Pinstripe II 1, Louise Marriott (Rangiora) Clicquot 2, Melanie Morris (Rangiora) Kosciuszko 3, Sarah Ormandy (Christchurch) La Dama Vegas 4, Claudia Faulkner (Christchurch) Tripel Shot 5.


Carousel Equestrian Amateur High Points Series: Sarah Morris (Rangiora) Montalto 1, Melanie Morris (Rangiora) Kosciuszko 2, Sarah Ormandy (Christchurch) La Dama Vegas 3, Jade McRae (Invercargill) Swayze 4, Lewis McLellan (Waimate) The Munshi 5.


ESNZ Show Hunter Junior Equitation Series (in conjunction with Orari Estate): Georgia Allison (Oxford) Sandow Jacob 1, Summer Borrie (Oamaru) Daisy Duke 2.


Petticoat Lane Performance Horses Adult Equitation Series: Emily Cammock (Christchurch) Duke ECPH 1, Louise Marriott (Rangiora) Clicquot 2, Lauren Enright (Canterbury) Beaumont Cash 3, Kate Mullins (Ohoka) Cowboy Cool 4, Jade McRae (Invercargill) Swayze 5.


Sport Horse Junior High Points Series: Emily Holder (Christchurch) Diamond Solitaire 1, Georgia Allison (Oxford) Sandow Jacob 2, Summer Borrie (Oamaru) Daisy Duke 3, Sophie Townsend (Darfield) Pinstripe II 4.


Hokonui Sport Horses Cat A High Points Series: Scarlet Baker (Gore) Chelton Light Secret 1, Milly Dampier-Crossley (Rotherham) Minks 2, Olivia Mehrtens (Cust) My Gemma Bear 3, Casey Reynolds (Rangiora) Sunny Brae Patrick 4, Summer Roy (Gore) Benrose Comet 5.


Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series: Anna Smith (Wyndham) Starlight Smarda 1, Lucy Honeywell (Rakaia) Starlight Indrani 2, Anna Smith (Wyndham) El Alpha G Wizz 3, Bianca Reynolds (Rangiora) Dream Diva 4, Grace Roy (Gore) Afallons Royal Arabesque 5.


Aniwell Cat C High Points Series: Georgie Laing (Little River) Triple Star Picture Puzzle 1, Zoe Slater (Geraldine) Moccochino 2, Emily Henderson (Rolleston) Kolour Me 3, Olivia Dampier-Crossley (Rotherham) Splash Bandicoot 4.


BoP and Waikato Show Hunter Groups 12 and Under Equitation Series: Milly Dampier-Crossley (Rotherham) Minks 1, Scarlet Baker (Gore) Chelton Light Secret 2, Casey Reynolds (Rangiora) Sunny Brae Patrick 3, Grace Roy (Gore) Afallons Royal Arabesque 4, Summer Roy (Gore) Benrose Comet 5.


ESNZ Show Hunter Pony Equitation Series: Bianca Reynolds (Rangiora) Dream Diva 1, Anna Smith (Wyndham) Starlight Smarda 2, Emily Henderson (Rolleston) Kolour Me 3.


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21 November 2021