The Endurance Technical Committee has made two recommendations around rules and these have been approved by the ESNZ Endurance Board to come into effect immediately:

  1. That due to COVID disruptions to competition over the past 18 months, a six-month extension be granted to the usual 24 month period for horses/riders to qualify and/or to maintain their status due to COVID disruptions to events over the past 18 months. This is to apply from 1st October 2019 and means that the timeframe to complete novice qualifying and/or maintain the level or class that they are eligible to enter.  This will affect rules 2.3b), 2.11c), 2.15 and 4.2. The Technical Committee will notify when this extension is revoked. This extension only applies at national level.
  2. That CTR rides of 40-79 km will be eligible for horses and riders to qualify for Intermediate and Open Status. This will include all CTR rides of 40-79 km completed since 1st August 2019.  The reasoning for this is that the riding times and veterinary inspections for these CTR classes would be equivalent to those in Novice Endurance classes over the same distance and this may assist horses and riders to achieve their goals. This will affect CTR rule 2.10.7.