Dunstan Horsefeeds Sponsors of the Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series

October marks the 35th birthday of Dunstan Horsefeeds and their long involvement with the equestrian industry.

Marketing manager Paxton Conder says it is fitting the much-admired company are entrenched in showjumping. “We have been involved for longer than most can remember,” says Paxton. “As a team we really feel the amateur series is a great fit for us. We love the banter, the friendly competition and seeing new riders come in and have a go at jumping in the series.”

Last season the company received so many thank you emails from riders, Paxton said it was quite overwhelming. “We received thanks from many different riders from all over the country, with them appreciating our support of shows large and small. We love that sort of feedback.”

The Dunstan team say they are proud to be an innovative New Zealand made company that produces quality feed for horses who are competing in New Zealand conditions. They have recently launched Dunstan Recovery Mash, a highly palatable mash designed to assist with hydration and recovery post strenuous exercise, travel or convalescence. “There really is nothing like this in the New Zealand market so we are excited to have it on offer,” says Paxton.

“Since its creation in 1986, Dunstan has been at the forefront of equine nutrition, working alongside equine veterinary professionals to develop products which assure optimal performance. Our focus is firm only on innovation, dedication, quality and safety with a commitment to ongoing research and development.”

Their products are used across the equestrian industry – from jumping to eventing, racing to breeding and everything in between.

As testing as COVID has been for so many, Paxton says with their roots firmly planted in New Zealand, they have been able to continue production. “We are extremely lucky that we are a New Zealand company producing our feeds from our manufacturing plant in the Waikato. We support the New Zealand arable industry, so all of our grain is grown in New Zealand – it means we have been able to continue to supply our valuable clients without missing a beat, and that is down to our very robust supply chain.”

She says she and the wider team will be making the most of every opportunity they can this season to get out to show and support riders. “It will be an interesting and challenging season, so it is important we all make the most of every opportunity we get.”


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By Diana Dobson
21 October 2021