To all Coaches,
Sport NZ in their latest alert level update advised that personal trainers and professional coaches should work from home and use online and video conferencing facilities to deliver their training.
You may remember during the last lockdown that under level 3 (and as per the MPI website) that Coaches and trainers were permitted travel to provide horse riding lessons, as long as relevant infection control measures are applied, including physical distancing requirements, and the service is provided in the same, or a nearby, region with the same alert level.
Advice has been sought from MPI and they are in the process of updating their revised advice in light of the Covid-19 Health Order, but they agree with Sport NZ’s advice.
Therefore, given that the overriding purpose of Alert Level 3 and 4 is that everyone stays at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19 unless they are accessing or providing an essential service. Riding lessons are not considered a necessary activity under Alert Level 3 or 4 for the purpose of animal care and must not continue to operate.
We have updated our ESNZ Alert Level plan to take into account this change:
Sport NZ Alert Level Plan:
MPI Alert Information – but has not been updated as yet: