The results of the National Championships Stakeholder Survey are now available.

The Dressage NZ January Board meeting considered survey responses and  actors noted in the Briefing paper that was published with the survey. 
Briefing Paper National Dressage Championships 21

When the survey results and all other factors were considered, the Board concluded  that the next national championships would be held at Taupo NEC from 24-27 March 2022

Late March or early April were overall the two favoured dates from all responses. A Nov -Dec date preference was more  divided  as seen in the Chart on page 6 of the results. 

Taking into account that  2022 is a World Championships year, and it is desirable to host a CDI for rider qualifications & world rankings, it was concluded it is more cost effective to endeavour to share international judges with the Horse of the Year Show. That is therefore one reason March date is selected. It should be noted that every second year November does not fall into an FEI qualifying period for either World Championships or Olympics.

It was also considered that the possibility to secure international officials November 2021 is likely to be Covid restrictions impacted 

To hold the two events closer together also makes it more viable for riders who must travel the longest distances to compete at both key events on the Dressage Calendar.

To be able to announce this date in February 2021 gives maximum time for areas to plan Premier League Events and for riders to plan their season  

Thank you to all members who took the opportunity to participate and we look forward to March 2022 

National Championships Survey Data