NZL-Jesse Campbell rides Diachello. File Photo. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Jesse Campbell is bubbling that he and Diachello have placed third in the CCI4*-L at L’international de Lignieres en Berry in France this morning. The Kiwi combo, in just their second 4*-L start, finished the competition on 29.1 penalty points, just a smidgen behind winner Maxime Livio (FRA) aboard Api Du Libaire and Thomas Carlile (FRA) with Birmane who both finished on 27.

The Holstein 10-year-old, who is by Diarado out of Visser Cholin (by Chello I), scored 28.7 in his dressage, added .4 time on the cross country and was clear and inside time in the showjumping. “It was a great day,” said Jesse. “Diachello jumped clear (in the showjumping) which is just awesome. He went in there and just tried incredibly hard – it was great to come away with a third.” The German-bred horse has been with Jesse 2018.

World No.2 Tim Price and Falco finished in seventh place with a score of 31.3 penalty points from the three tests. They added time in both the cross country and showjumping. Coming for 12th spot on a score of 38.8 was Tayla Mason and Centennial in their first-ever 4*-L start. “I am so happy with him,” says Tayla. “He is quite green but I was really happy with his dressage – there were a few green moments from rider and horse but it was a big improvement from our last 4* test so that was a bonus.”

Their clear and inside time effort on the cross country was a real buzz. “It was a long track and we had a bit of rain so the going was pretty heavy on half the course. Some of the horses were finding it tough which also made it hard to get the time because it was heavy going and hard to open them up. I was so happy with Centennial – he seemed to glide over the heavy ground. I got some good advice from Jonelle and she said just let them find their footing and let them find the pace they want to go through to heavy stuff.”

She said her horse had felt great. “There were a few tests for him and me but he responded really well. I could not fault him. We definitely had to fight for a few combinations – it was not an easy track – but he definitely responded and I was very happy with the way he took on those big technical combinations. I couldn’t be happier. He was clear and under time so that was a really thrilling moment.”

Today in a technical showjumping course he was clear with a few time. “I am really over the moon about that. He just came out and was jumping amazing . . . he made my job easy.”
She says advice from Tim and Jonelle Price, who she is based with, had been invaluable. “I am really thankful for those two guiding me in the right direction and being so supportive – they are unbelievably supportive which is really cool.”

Tayla had kept in close contact too with mum Sonya who had planned to be there to see them do their first 4*-L. “It is sad she couldn’t be here but I know she is very proud. She has been up all night following me and I have been ringing her and keeping her up to date.”
Jonelle Price and Faerie Magnifico were the best of the Kiwis in the CCI3*-L, finishing in eighth place on a score of 33.8 penalty points. Alexander Bragg (GBR) and Zagreb won on their dressage score of 27.5. Jonelle placed 13th with Killbunny Andy on 35, with Jesse and Cooley Lafitte 23rd on 37.8, Jonelle aboard Curly Girl 38th on 50.7 and Tayla with Gino Gingerino 44th on 61.9.

Jonelle was also top Kiwi rider in the CCI2*-S, finishing in eighth with Diamante on 29.4. The class was won by Zazie Gardeau (FRA) and Cesar de Commarin La on 26.1. Jesse was very pleased with an 11th place finish from Shadow Sister. “That really surprised me,” he said. “It was a bit of a result that crept up on us. We thought she was way back and all of a sudden she was nearly top 10. She is very inexperienced but an absolute superstar for the future. She has a phenomenal brain and a huge amount of talent so I can’t wait to see where she gets to.”

The combination scored 34.2 in the dressage and added just .4 time in the showjumping to finish the event on 34.6.



Spartaco – owned by Tim and Jonelle Price
Falco – owned by Sue Benson
Centennial – owned by Sue Rutter, Tayla and Sonya Mason
Diachello – owned by Kent Gardner and Jesse Campbell
Amsterdam – owned by Craig Campbell
Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ – owned by Pip McCarroll and Samantha Lissington
Faerie Magnifico – owned by Trisha Rickards
Curly Girl – owned by Kate Holmes, Jackie Olivier, Kate Amin, and Ben and Lucy Sangster
Killbunny Andy – owned by Therese Miller and Constance Edmundson
Gino Gingerino – owned by Jeremy Young
Cooley Lafitte – owned by Jay Jaffar
Shadow Sister – owned by Kent Gardner and Jesse Campbell
Diamante II – owned by Joanne Pullan

By Diana Dobson – HP Media Liaison