How many points do I need to qualify?
To qualify for Horse of the Year, equine’s need to gain 20 points.
This is a condition in the Horse of the Year schedule as it has been in prior years. This year HOY will actively monitor this throughout the season, with the intention of amending the qualification points if show cancellations impact the opportunity to qualify. 

Where can I find if I have qualified? 
You will be able to find qualified equines at the bottom of this page here

Do I need a certain score to gain points?
Score’s must be 66% or more for HOYQ points to be allocated

If I sell my equine during the season, do they lose their HOY qualification?
The points stay with the equine not the rider

Do all Show Hunter classes have HOYQ?
Equitation classes do not have HOYQ as this is judged on the rider not the equine

How many points does each placing receive?
Points for HOYQ classes are the same as Show Hunter Series Classes, and are allocated as follows:

1st place

6 points

2nd place

4 points

3rd place

3 points

4th place

2 points

5th place

1 point


ESNZ Jumping Team
17 September 2020