7 May 2020

Dear Chairs, Secretaries and Area Delegates,

I am writing to inform you of two major issues that as area groups/clubs and organising committees you need to be aware of.

  1. What is being done at ESNZ level to assist with the transition into Level 2 of the Covid pandemic situation.
  2. The development of a $25 million community resilience fund set up by Sport NZ that you are eligible to apply for funds from.

I know it is a challenging time, but please take the time to read all of the material I am sending you now.


ESNZ and your discipline staff have been working hard to make sure we are ready for Level 2 and making sure we understand how we can facilitate a well managed and seamless transition back into competition.

A number of resources, templates and guidelines are being developed and will be available to all organising committees on our website as soon as we can finalise them. Of course we need to wait until any Level Two guidelines are published so we know more about what is required and we will be in touch asap through your discipline sport managers with as much information as possible.  Keep an eye on our facebook page and website covid page to keep up with the latest Covid news.

ESNZ and the disciplines have been working on ways to ensure the competition environment, due to start again when we reach the correct level, is less impacted financially by the Covid 19 pandemic. Each discipline has worked out ways it can help area committees to run their AGMS and planning days, relax rules where possible as appropriate and to make concessions on a one off basis to enable a quick return to some form of normal and affordable competition structures.

We urge you to keep in touch with your sport managers and make sure they are aware of any issues or challenges you might be facing and need help with.


Onto the exciting news. You will have seen overnight, an announcement from Sport NZ about a $25 million community resilience fund that has been put together specifically to support regions and clubs.  If you are an ESNZ area group or club (for Endurance) you can apply to that fund.

In order to apply for the money, you will need to read all the fact sheets and information attached and then develop a case to present to your Regional Sports Trust.  As there is often more than one group in a region, it is a good idea to join groups together and apply with a collaborative perspective. This will then be assessed by the RST and the money will be given out.  If you qualify you get the money, no questions asked.

With respect, I wouldn’t hang around wondering. If you think you have a case and can prove that, then get it in to the RST. We have included a list of the area groups and contacts on the website for you to call if you need to discuss something within your region. We have also included a list of the Regional Sports Trusts.  The kind of things you might be able to apply for would be  where you have missed out on income because you had to cancel an event, cancellation of a winter series, any costs incurred that you could not get credited such as bookings at venues and printing of schedules etc.

The guidelines and fact sheets are informative and if you have any issues please call your sport managers in the first instance as I am in constant contact with them but I cannot answer the phone to 93 different clubs and groups.

We will be here to help where we can so feel free to call and clarify anything.  I wish you all the best in getting some money from the community resilience fund and I will be in touch again as soon as there is something more to add about the process or anything I think you need to know.

Kind regards,

Dana Kirkpatrick





Sport NZ announces further $25 million short-term relief package

Primary focus on clubs and regional organisations

Sport NZ has created a $25 million package to provide further short-term relief for organisations at all levels of sport and active recreation. The funds have been made available through savings achieved from the reprioritisation of Sport NZ’s work programme in the wake of COVID-19, as well as the drawing down on cash reserves.  

Today’s announcement follows an initial package of support for Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ partners announced in early April. This provided financial certainty for National Sport and Recreation Organisations, Regional Sport Trusts others, with funding commitments totalling $70 million per annum. Partners were provided with flexibility on how these funds could be used to reflect the challenging circumstances resulting from COVID-19 through until 30 June 2021.

The second tranche of support announced today has a focus on providing relief for struggling local and regional sport and recreation organisations. This relief will be provided via a $15m Community Resilience Fund.

“Play, active recreation and sport have a key role in maintaining individual health and wellbeing, bringing our communities together and keeping these communities strong,” says Sport NZ CEO Peter Miskimmin. 

“It is vital that organisations at all levels of our sector remain viable and are there when play, active recreation and sport can fully resume, and we believe we have structured this relief package in a way that will maximise its benefit at all levels of the sector for the greatest possible good.”

“Clubs and regional organisations are the heartbeat of our sector but have been among the hardest hit by COVID-19, particularly through the loss of Class 4 gaming revenue and membership fees and they need support now more than ever,” says Peter Miskimmin.

The Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund opens on Monday 11 May and will be administered through New Zealand’s 14 regional sports trusts due to the strength of their networks deep into their local sport and recreation communities. Eligible organisations can apply for a maximum of $1,000 for clubs and $40,000 for regional bodies.

Also included in Sport NZ’s $25 million relief package are:

  • A partner support fund ($6 million) to help Sport NZ and HPSNZ investment partners maintain critical roles and business functions which are at risk due to COVID-19
  • An exceptional system support fund ($1 million) to protect key national organisations who are not normal recipients of Sport NZ investment
  • A physical activity fund ($3 million) to promote play, active recreation and sport opportunities to those who most need it (e.g. people who are less active, disabled or live in high deprivation areas)

Further details on these three funds will be announced over the coming weeks.

Sport NZ also continues to provide expert business capability support to its partners in areas such as finance, human resources and technology, as well as providing free employee wellbeing services and support in accessing the Government’s COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme.

More information on new $25 million short-term relief package and Sport NZ’s wider response to COVID-19 is available at sportnz.org.nz.  Please also see frequently asked questions and factsheet below.