Owing the Dressage AGM being deferred from 3/4 July to a later date (TBC) EOI and Nominations for all positions have been extended until Friday 5th June 

Elected Roles 

Board Member Performance & Development (Elected) Three year term 
In addition to the overarching Board Role the PD member is the Chair of the PD Committee 
Terms of Reference Performance Cte
Nomination Form _PD_2020

Dressage Committee Rep on Appointment Panel (Elected)
Elected by the Dressage Committee at AGM for a one year term 
Appt Panel TOR_Sept 2017
Nomination Form _Cte_Appt_2020

NI & SI Riders Reps (Elected by Riders)
If there is more than one nomination for either of these positions, an online voting poll will be held
Terms of Reference Dressage NZ IRR
Nomination Form _Riders Rep_2020

Appointed Roles 

Board Marketing (Appointed) Three year term.
In addition to the overarching Board role,  the specific Marketing and Comms responsibilities to be discussed with applicants
PD Marketing_Board

Taupo & Christchurch NEC Dressage Reps (Appointed) One year term
NEC Dressage Reps Terms of Reference

Judges Sub-Committee (Appointed) Three year term 
Dressage NZ JSC Terms of ReferenceV2020

Steward General (Appointed) One Year Term  
Dressage NZ TOR Steward General

Expression of Interest Form – 2020

For reference
ESNZ Dressage By-Law 17vApr2020