If I am unable to ride and practice jumping now and I feel like I want to improve or change, what rider-based training can I do now?

And what’s realistic, during this time, given its’ off-season and I may have turned out my horse already.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to present some of the ways you can enhance your rider training, preserve rider fitness and physical literacy building the mechanisms you need specifically for Show Jumping.

One thing you might focus on right now, might be your cardiovascular system.


Benefits include:

  • enhanced metabolic exchange
  • reduced cognitive anxiety approaching the jump
  • reduced isometric fatigue in light seat canter position
  • ability to make high volume attempts without physical fatigue
  • reduced energetic cost of riding different horses

The aerobic demands of show jumping are high. As the gait of the horse goes up so does your heart rate. Elite riders display less variability in heart rate because they have developed a “cardiovascular training effect.”

Show Jumpers often underestimate the cardiovascular demands of their sport because while they elevate their heart rate, they have low oxygen consumption rates. It’s important to appreciate, show jumpers typically use greater than 90% of their max heart rate over the duration of the course; whilst out of the saddle positions require greater demands on heart rate. All this, means lock down might be just the opportunity you need to improve your cardio vascular function before next season.

And to start is as simple as taking a breath. A Deep Abdominal Breath…

 Click here for Event Ready Bodies Abdominal Breathing Video ERB See Saw Deep Abdominal Breathing

You may even enjoy placing one of the images in this post as a screenshot on your device for added motivation this week.

Next week, we will look at other ways to specifically enhance your rider training for Show Jumping

From the desk of EVENT READY BODIES 

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Thanks to the Xalt team for putting this together for us!


ESNZ Jumping Team

20 April 2020